These Super Cheap Vibrant Fineliner Pens are Perfect for Detail Work

Find out how the cheapest Fineliner pen set on Amazon stands up to our coloring test.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Sunacme Fineliner PensIf you’re looking for a set of fine-tip pens that won’t break the bank, these Sunacme Fineliner Pens might just be the cheapest set money can buy. They’ll set you back just $3.99 on Amazon (and they’re Prime eligible). This budget-friendly set comes with 18 brightly colored pens and a travel-friendly snap-to-close case. The Sunacme Fineliner Pens are also non-toxic and kid safe. At such a budget-friendly price point, we just had to take these bad boys out for a test drive.


The Paper Test

While fineliner pens are pretty much the bomb-dot-com for detail work, they do come with a few pitfalls. The major sins of a fineliner pen are pilling (damaging the paper), feathering (ink spreading across the page), and bleeding (ink leaking through the paper). So, we tested the Sunacme Fineliner Pens on three types of paper to find out if they’d commit any coloring crimes.


Standard Copy Paper

Sunacme on Uncoated Paper
20lb Uncoated Copy Paper

On standard, uncoated copy paper, the pens felt a little rough to color with. Rather than gliding across the page, they kind of scratched the surface. Surprisingly, though, this didn’t cause any pilling. When drawing precise lines, the ink feathered out ever so slightly. And when we covered large surfaces in the design, some of the lighter shades came out looking streaky. But the biggest downfall to note is the substantial bleed-through these guys left behind—the reverse side of the paper was totally unusable.


Digital Copy Paper

Sunacme Coated Paper
28lb Coated Digital Copy Paper

The pens moved over the surface of our coated digital copy paper much better than on standard copy paper. Plus, they get major points for causing absolutely no damage to the page! When drawing fine lines, the ink didn’t feather at all. And the colors came out far less streaky on the digital copy paper than they did on the standard.  As far as bleeding goes, they bled through the page notably less, but still enough to render the reverse side pretty much useless.



Sunacme Pens on Cardstock
65lb Cardstock

Our 65-pound, uncoated cardstock fell about in the middle when it came to these pens’ performance. While they glided smoother than on standard copy paper, things didn’t go nearly as smoothly as they did on digital copy paper. Colors also appeared streakier on cardstock than on digital copy paper, but still less than on the standard copy paper. And while the pens didn’t cause any pilling, they did leave a rough texture behind that you can feel with your fingertips. When it comes to bleeding, the cardstock held up the best (no surprise there), but the pens still left a few ink dots behind.


The Verdict

If you’re looking for a fine tipped pen set to expand your adult coloring kit, these Sunacme Fineliner Pens are a pretty good start. They perform the best by far on digital copy paper, but only if you plan on using one-sided coloring pages. We definitely don’t recommend them for double-sided coloring pages.

However, these Sunacme Finliner Pens are a pretty affordable dupe to the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens, both with 0.4 MM tips and triangle shaped barrels. They were light, comfortable to hold, and didn’t smudge at all. They’re designed for detail work and are not a great tool for covering large areas (not that any Fineliner pen would be). And just one pitfall to note: While these pens performed pretty well, the labels on each one rubbed off as soon as we began to use them. The colors don’t have names, so it doesn’t matter much, but it was a bit annoying, to say the least.

In the end, the Sunacme Fineliner pens are ideal for those who need a set of Fineliner marker pens in their kit but don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a more expensive brand. Their low price and noteworthy performance make them hard to pass up!


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