These 16 Gifts Will Surprise & Delight Any Coloring Enthusiast

Not sure what to get for your favorite coloring fanatic this holiday season? Browse our list of holiday gifts that are sure to please any adult coloring fan!

Ah, the “perfect gift” struggle. We’ve all been there! You really love your mother-in-law, we know, but finding the perfect gift can be daunting. Fear not, holiday shoppers. If you’re looking to pick up something special for the coloring enthusiast in your life (or you just wanna #treatyourself), look no further than this list of 16 brilliant ideas. From books and calendars to top-notch coloring tools, we’ve got you covered.


Johanna Basford Coloring Calendar
Credit: Posh Coloring Studio

1. Johanna Basford Calendar(s)
Any devoted colorist knows that Jonanna Basford is the coloring book queen, but did you know she has a whole range of calendars, too? Yep, and Basford has not one but three beautiful calendars available for 2019: A day-to-day desk calendar in a gorgeous keepsake box ($12), a 16-month planner ($11), and an Ivy and the Inky Butterfly wall calendar ($11). Each is filled with Basford’s signature illustrations and would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves to color all year round.


Stabilo Point 68 Markers

2. Stabilo Point 68 50-Color Metal Tin Set
Stabilo’s fineliner pens are super popular among the coloring crowd. But we think this 50-piece set of the slightly thicker Stabilo Point 68 pens ($50) is totally a hidden gem. Think of ‘em as sort of a pen-slash-marker. They make a great addition to any coloring arsenal, and they’re a product most colorists probably won’t have already purchased for themselves.


The Greatest Adventure Poster

3. “The Greatest Adventure” Coloring Poster
This unique inspirational coloring poster ($25) is the perfect gift for travel-loving coloring enthusiasts. If this world map isn’t your style but you like the idea of an oversized coloring poster, browse the seller’s Esty store (AnnaGrundulsDesign) for a variety of other designs, from giant mandalas to fun quotes. For a more personalized gift, she even makes custom designs! (Quick note: The product ships from Poland. If you’re in the US, allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.)


Prismacolor Double Ended Art Markers

4. Prismacolor Double-Ended Art Markers
We’d be willing to bet that these (pricey) markers are on almost every coloring enthusiast’s wish list. But it’s hard to justify spending $3+ per marker on yourself! That’s why this set of 24 Prismacolor Double-Ended Markers (with case) ($49) makes a great gift.


Clipboard with Storage

5. Clipboard with Storage
Raise your hand if you love practical gifts! This Letter-Size Plastic Storage Clipboard ($10) is the perfect gift for those who like to color individual coloring pages rather than in books—not to mention, it’s great for on-the-go coloring too! The clipboard opens up to easily store your coloring pages (and utensils, if you so choose!).


Posh Adult Activity Books
Credit: Posh Coloring Studio

6. Adult Activity Books
If you are shopping for someone who loves coloring, give them a gift that will push them slightly outside the coloring box: Adult activity books are just as fun as adult coloring books, and they can creatively challenge a different part of the brain. Here are favorites: Posh Creativity: D is for Doodle ($13), Posh Art of the Dot ($10), and Posh A-MAZE-Ing Places ($10).


Coloring Postcards

7. Coloring Postcards
Looking for a good stocking stuffer? This set of Blooms, Birds, and Butterflies Coloring Postcards with Gold Foil ($8) are a great pick! The set of 16 cards allows the giftee to explore their artistic side and share their creative endeavors with friends. Pro tip: Color & stick in a standard 4x6 frame for easy DIY wall art! 


Pepin Artists Coloring Books
Credit: The Pepin Press

8. A Pepin Artist’s Coloring Book
The Pepin Press publishes a line of Artists’ Coloring Books that make the perfect gift for serious coloring artists. Each book contains 16 illustrations printed on acid-free drawing paper. The designs are purposefully printed with very light lines to serve as more of a guide than a mandate—so that your art is what really stands out! The books come in a range of subjects and styles, from classic still life bouquets and Rembrandt paintings to art nouveau fashion and Turkish designs. A number of the books are available on Amazon for a range of prices, but the whole line is also available online from one of our favorite shops, ($19.50 each)


Floribunda Journal

9. Floribunda: A Flower Coloring Journal
This coloring book-slash-journal ($14) is perfect for anyone who, well, loves to do both! The 144-page journal is filled with 37 delicate floral illustrations—great for small coloring opportunities in between writing or doodling. What to fill the rest of the pages with? That’s up to the artist!


Copic Atyou Spica Glitter Pens

10. Copic Atyou Spica Micro Glass Glitter Pen
You’ve probably heard of Copic markers, but did you know they make GLITTER pens, too?! These fine-tipped pens are perfect for jazzing up any coloring page with pretty, glittery accents. They’re super unique, which makes them an excellent gift. These sparkly gems come in two sets of 12 colors each: Copic Atyou Spica Glitter Pens–Set A ($23) and Copic Atyou Spica Glitter Pens–Set B ($23)


Pilot FriXion Colors Erasable Markers

11. Pilot FriXion Colors Erasable Markers
Let’s face it: we all make mistakes while coloring. With these markers, there’s no need to stress over stray pen strokes or staying perfectly inside the lines because they’re erasable. (Yes, you read that right!) What makes ‘em the perfect holiday gift? You’re not going to find these lining the shelves of any old store in the US—they’re exclusive to Pilot Japan’s product line! In the US, you can find the 24-pen set on Amazon ($30). also carries them—a set of 6 pens ($10) and the 24-pen set ($34.50)


2019 Posh Planners
Credit: Andrews McMeel Publishing

12. Posh Planner Calendar
No, these planners aren’t exactly coloring planners, but hear us out. If you’re into coloring, chances are you also appreciate a good pattern. That’s why we love these fun spiral-bound planners as a holiday gift this season. They’re perfect for any stylish (and organized) friend. This line of planners comes in four different patterns. Here are our two favorites: Posh: Organized Living Pineapple A Go-Go Planner ($16.50) & Posh Organized Living Chic Chevron Planner ($16.50).


Tombow Irojiten Pencil Dictionary

13. Tombow Irojiten Color Dictionary Pencil Set
Performance is definitely key when it comes to colored pencils, but—especially when we’re talkin’ giftables—aesthetics are important, too! These beautiful “Dictionary” sets of Tombow Irojiten pencils make great gifts thanks to their classy packaging and gorgeous color palettes. Want something on the smaller side? Start with this set: Tombow Irojiten Color Dictionary Set of 30 (Pale I, Vivid I, Deep 1) ($34). Want to be REALLY extra? Tack on these two extra sets to complete the library: Tombow Irojiten Color Dictionary Set of 30 (Pale II, Deep II, Light Grayish I) and Tombow Irojiten Color Dictionary Set of 30 (Fluorescent, Very Pale, Dull I) ($34 each).


Sakura Koi Brush Pen Set

14. Sakura Koi Brush Pen Set
This set of 24 Sakura Koi Brush Pens ($30) are super similar to the uber-popular Tombow Dual Brush Pens but at a fraction of the price. Plus, they’re one of artist Alisa Burke’s favorite coloring tools! The artist brush tips are super durable and the shape of the tip lets you easily create fine, medium, or bold brush strokes.

Mod Podge

15. Mod Podge Sampler
Calling all crafters! If you’ve tried any of the craft projects we’ve shared here, you know that Mod Podge (or any decoupage glue) is key in most coloring-related craft projects. Help get a coloring friend started in do-it-yourself projects with this fun Mod Podge Starter Pack ($13). The kit includes five 2oz Mod Podge Starter formulas (Matte, Gloss, Paper, Sparkle, and Outdoor). Pair with some assorted brushes for a more complete gift! 


Burlap and Lace Pencil Roll via Etsy

16. Burlap and Lace Pencil Roll
This Burlap and Lace Colored Pencil Roll-Up ($18-22) is an excellent gift for any colorist who’s always on-the-go. The roll comes in four different fabrics to suit any style and it’s probably the most stylish way to tote colored pencils around town.


What’s on your coloring wish list this holiday season? Share with us in the comments below!

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