Step Into Spring With These 10 New Coloring Pages

We’ve added 50 brand new coloring pages to our library—here are ten of our favorites!

By Jasmine Lim

We can’t believe it’s already April, which means spring has at long last arrived! (Err… at least in most places.) To help you celebrate this fresh start of the season, we’ve added 50 brand new adult coloring pages for you to download, print, and enjoy. From soothing mantras to blooming flowers to beautiful mandalas, check out ten of our favorite designs below and head over to our “New This Month!” page for the rest.  

1. “More Focus” by Deborah Muller

More Focus Coloring Page
Here’s a beautiful and encouraging mantra reminding you to do less, but with more focus. Once completed, hang it somewhere so it’s always top of mind. (Click to download our "More Focus" coloring page!)

2. “A Kaleidoscope of Joy” by Susan Black

A Kaleidescope of Joy
This symmetrically patterned coloring page would make an excellent card for any occasion—just fold it down the middle and trim the edges once complete! Or, try crafting it into a coloring page envelope by following our simple tutorial. (Pssst… Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away!) (Click to download our "A Kaleidoscope of Joy" coloring page!)

3. “All Squared Away” by Flora Chang

All Squared Away Coloring Page

Calling all pattern lovers! This coloring page filled with geometric squares is perfect for you. (Click to download our "All Squared Away" coloring page!)

4. “Not Today, Universe” by Katie Vaz

Not Today, Universe coloring page

Break this coloring page out whenever life doesn’t go quite as you expected. Coloring this message to the universe might be just the therapy you need to turn your day around. (Click to download our "Not Today, Universe" coloring page!)

5. “Butterflies Aflutter” by Posh Originals

Butterflies Aflutter

This coloring page is the perfect canvas to add your own unique butterfly doodles and drawings in the blank spaces. (Click to download our "Butterflies Aflutter" coloring page!)

6. “Forest Canopy: Menagerie in the Branches” by Posh Originals

Forest Canopy: Menagerie in the Canopy coloring page
Ah, we can just hear the birds singing and animals crooning from this forest coloring page. (Click to download our "Forest Canopy: Menagerie in the Branches" coloring page!)

7. “Elephant-Back Ride” by Flora Chang

Elephant-Back Ride Coloring Page
Check out this charming circus-inspired coloring page featuring an adorable lion riding atop an elephant’s back. Bring it to life by using vibrant and bold markers! (Click to download our "Elephant-Back Ride" coloring page!)

8. “Stemming Serenity” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Stemming Serenity coloring page
Reach for your favorite colored pencils and enter a relaxing coloring session as you sit with this intricately detailed mandala coloring page. (Click to download this "Stemming Serenity" coloring page!)

9. “Cherry Blossom Woodstock” by Peanuts

Cheery Blossom Woodstock coloring page

We think this pretty Cherry Blossom design would look lovely with a combination of light pinks, reds, and blues. Check out our botanical color palettes for more spring-inspired hues. (Click to download our "Cherry Blossom Woodstock" coloring page!)

10. “Worthless Worries” by Deborah Muller

Worthless Worries

We love the intricate paisley and flower details that border this encouraging and important reminder. (Click to download our "Worthless Worries" coloring page!)


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