Start March Right with These 10 New Adult Coloring Pages

Here are ten new designs we’re loving this month—check them out!

By Jasmine Lim

It’s finally March, which means spring is just around the corner—a perfect time to get colorfully creative with new adult coloring pages! From cozy teapots to fun flower patterns to adorable cats, we’ve added tons of new designs for you to download and color (including a festive St. Patrick’s Day coloring page!). Check out ten of our favorite designs here and head over to our “New This Month!” page for the rest.

10 Coloring Pages to Celebrate the Spring

1. “Folk Art Cheerful Tulips” by Susan Black

Folk Art Cheerful Tulips Coloring PageFilled top to bottom with patterned tulips and leaves, we think this design is perfect for intricate coloring. Perhaps with your favorite gel pens? (Click to download our "Folk Art Cheerful Tulips" coloring page!)

2. “Wild Dreams” by Deborah Muller

Wild Dreams Coloring Page

We love this ribbon-bordered coloring page featuring little swirly doodles and a dream catcher with an important reminder. (Click to download our "Wild Dreams" coloring page!)

3. “Drowsy Owl” by Posh Originals

Drowsy Owl Coloring Page

Unwind from a long day with this nighttime-inspired design filled with charming clouds, shining stars, and an adorable drowsy woodland owl. (Click to download our "Drowsy Owl" coloring page!)

4. “Tuft Luck” by Peanuts

Tuft Luck Coloring Page

Look closely and you’ll find a familiar Peanuts character scattered amongst these delicate and wispy feathers. (Click to download our "Tuft Luck" coloring page!)

5. “Pussycat in a Pot” by Flora Chang

Pussycat in a Pot Coloring Page

Who could resist this mischievous feline hiding in between the blooming flowers? (Certainly not us!) (Click to download our "Pussycat in a Pot" coloring page!)

6. “Knotted Shamrock" by Teresa Roberts Logan

Knotted Shamrock Coloring Page

Tap into the luck o' the Irish with this Celtic knotted design complete with an intricate shamrock for you to color. Use one of our St. Patrick's Day color palettes for a truly festive feel! (Click to download our "Knotted Shamrock" coloring page!)

7. “Tulips & Daisies Scatter Pattern” by Susan Black

Tulips & Daisies Scatter Pattern

Just because flowers aren’t in full bloom (yet) doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them sooner! Reach for your favorite markers to transform these spring-ready tulip and daisy doodles with one of our botanical-inspired color palettes. (Click to download our "Tulips & Daisies Scatter Pattern" coloring page!)

8. “Teapot Types” by Megan Halsey

Teapot Type Coloring Page
Settle into a relaxing coloring session with this charming teapot design and a warm cup of tea. (Click to download our "Teapot Types" coloring page!)

9. “Sylvan Circle” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Sylvan Circle Coloring Page
Meditate on all the colorful possibilities with this intricate and mesmerizing mandala pattern. (Click to download our "Sylvan Circle" coloring page!)

10. “Nap-athon” by Yasmine Surovec

Nap-athon Coloring Page
Everyone loves a good nap now and then, including our feline friend in this funny cat-themed coloring page! (Click to download our "Nap-athon" coloring page!)


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