Send Love with One of These 16 Coloring Pages for Valentine's Day

These coloring pages would make great valentine’s day cards or crafts.

The best gifts are personal, amirite? Completed adult coloring pages are the perfect way to personalize this year’s batch of Valentine’s Day cards. (After all, a beautiful hand-colored design is a much better way of showing you care than a cheesy store-bought card!) It’s simple: color, trim, fold, and write! (Pro tip: We usually trim our cards to 5x7-inches so they fit perfectly in an A7 envelope!) If you want to get extra fancy, try your hand at making a 3D card using our simple DIY instructions! You can use the colored design as a base layer, for the 3-D details, or for both.

We think any of these nine printable coloring pages would make love-ly cards:

1. “Folk Heart Tulips” by Susan Black

Folk Heart Tulips by Susan BlackThis funky botanical coloring page is excellent for pretty much any use, but we think it would make a stunning V-Day card—especially when colored with one of these subtle Valentine’s Day color palettes. (Download “Folk Heart Tulips” here!)


2. “Bouquet of Blossoms” by Alisa Burke

Bouquet of Blossoms Flower Coloring PageNothing says Valentine’s Day better than a bouquet of flowers. This gorgeous design makes a beautiful card, with the perfect balance of detailed pattern and white space. (Click to download this flower coloring page!)


3. “Heterogenous Hearts” by Flora Chang

Heart Coloring Page by Flora ChangThis heart coloring page is (obviously) perfect to accompany any Valentine’s Day gift. We think it would look great filled with one of these color palettes featuring Pantone’s color of the year, Ultra Violet! (Click to download this Valentine's Day coloring page!)


4. “Hearts Be Free” by Susan Black

Hearts Be Free Coloring PageIntricate swirls and leaves make this heart-filled coloring page a lovely addition to your Valentine’s Day décor. Subtle and sweet, the hidden hearts in this design are as sophisticated as they are delightful. (Download “Hearts Be Free” here!)


5. “Hearts on Happy Hearts” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Heart Mandala Adult Coloring PageCelebrate love with this heart-centric mandala adult coloring page. Complete with squiggles, arches, dots, and hearts of many sizes, this endearing design is sure to make your special someone swoon. (Download “Hearts on Happy Hearts” here!)


6. “Carnation Cluster” by Flora Chang

Carnation Cluster Flower Coloring PageThis pretty carnation pattern would be awesome to use in our 3-D Card DIY project. Think of how cool your card would look with this design as the base and the 3-D details. (Click to download this flower coloring page!)


7. “Love at First Peck” by Flora Chang

Love at First Peck Heart Coloring PageTeeny tiny birds and hearts cover this cute coloring page. This repetitive design would make a charming card, but maybe even better DIY gift tags! (Click to download this heart coloring page!)


8. “Plenty of Petals” by Alisa Burke

Plenty of Petals Flower Coloring PageWe love a good flower-filled adult coloring page, and this bold design is one of our favorites. The thicker black lines make for a striking piece of art with a modern flair (especially if you go with bright colors!). (Click to download this garden coloring page!)


9. “My Heart is Full of Love” by Susan Black

Heart Adult Coloring PageThis super sweet coloring page features a heart full of flowers, butterflies, and a little kitten. Perfect for crafting a beautiful Valentine’s day card or just relaxing with your special someone, this design is sure to make your heart feel full. (Download “My Heart is Full of Love” here!)


10. “Bountiful Blossoms” by Flora Chang

Bountiful Blossoms Flower Coloring PageThis overflowing pattern using two distinct types of flowers is perfect for crafting both DIY cards and gift tags. We love the harmonious combination of curly petals mixed with flat ones. (Click to download this flower coloring page!)


11. “Unfurling Smoke” by Posh Originals

Unfurling Smoke Adult Coloring PageHave a little fun with this abstract pattern featuring plenty of swirls and twirls. Wouldn’t it look stunning with this bright pink peony-inspired color palette? (Click to download this pattern coloring page!)


12. “Petal Pulchritude” by Flora Chang
Petal Pulchritude Flower Coloring Page

This design is so unique—the pattern is clearly inspired by flowers, but we love the modern twist and geometric details on the different petals and leaves! (Click to download this flower coloring page!)


13. “Generous Hearts” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Heart Mandala Adult Coloring PageFeel focused and connected this Valentine’s Day with this intricate, hand-drawn mandala coloring page. Filled with hearts, diamonds, loops and arches, wouldn’t it look stunning with this bright pink peony-inspired color palette? (Download “Generous Hearts” here!)


14. “Tasteful Hearts” by Flora Chang

Heart Adult Coloring PageInspired by traditional art and textiles from around the world, this intricate heart pattern is the perfect sweet and sophisticated addition to any Valentine’s Day gift.  This coloring page features hearts, swirls, diamonds, and triangles in a repeating pattern that's safe to cut up and reshape for your nifty craft projects, too! (Download “Tasteful Hearts” here!)


15. “A Garden Heart’s Desire” by Susan Black

A Garden Heart DesireLet these charming butterflies and botanicals make your heart flutter. This garden-inspired heart surrounded by butterflies sits in the center of the page, making it the perfect coloring page for your nature-loving valentine. (Download “A Garden Heart’s Desire” here!)


16. “Paisley Hearts Coloring Page Card” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Heart Adult Coloring Page Valentine's Day CardDIY-ing your Valentine’s Day card couldn’t get easier. Send your loved one a sweet note with this foldable paisley coloring page filled with swirls, hearts, and flowers. (Download “Paisley Hearts Coloring Page Card” here!



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