How to Make A Fun & Festive Wine Label From Your Coloring Pages

Give the best hostess gift this holiday season with an easy DIY that any friend will love.

By Kate Morin

Custom Wine Labels from Coloring Pages
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

Headed to a house party this holiday season? We have the answer to your host(ess) gift dilemma: A nice bottle of bubbly with a personalized label! This craft is so easy and so unique—and it’s also easy to customize for every recipient.

The first step is to pick a photo and use it to create your own customized coloring page. Not sure what photo to use? Get creative and pick something unique for every friend! Pull out an old party photo for your college friend; a hilarious photo of some 80s outfits for your sister; or a cute photo of your fur babies for your friend from the dog park. Once you’ve converted your image, get to coloring and then you’re ready to craft!

Custom Wine Label Materials
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

What you’ll need:

  • Wine or champagne bottle
  • Glue dots, permanent double sided tape, or hot glue (or all three! You never know what's going to work best!) 
  • Custom coloring page, colored
  • Decorative papers (we used this multicolored glitter paper from Michaels) 
  • Paper cutter or ruler, X-Acto knife, and cutting mat
  • Washi tape or other embellishments (optional)
  • Pens/markers (optional)


What to do:

Trimming Image with X-Acto Knife
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

1. Start by trimming your image to size. For most bottles, a photo about 4x4 inches should work well. If your picture isn’t gonna work with those dimensions, play around with sizing and cropping! Every wine bottle is different, so images of many shapes and sizes can work.


Measure and Trim Label Paper
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

2. Once your image is trimmed to size, it’s time to cut the rectangle of paper that will wrap around your bottle. For most wine bottles, 5 inches is about the tallest you can go. (The tall skinny straight-sided bottles can take a taller label, but normal champagne bottles and tapered wine bottles max out at about 5 inches.)

Here, we chose to use a 4-inch label and a 4-inch photo. You could do the same, or go for a 5-inch label if you like the look of the paper peeking out on top of and below of the photo. If your image is 4 inches, go with a wrap that’s about 5 inches tall.

The width/length of your label will vary based on your wine bottle. You can measure to be extra sure, but here are some guidelines we found will work to cover the whole width and overlap at the seam: For champagne bottles, go with 11.5 inches if your paper is long enough (if not, cover the gap with some washi tape!). For standard tapered wine bottles, 11 inches is the perfect length. For tall straight-sided bottles, you only need about 10 inches.


3. This step is optional: If you want to be super accurate, measure for the center of your label so you can place your image in the right place. If you don’t care about being perfect (because who has time for that, honestly?), it’s totally OK to eyeball it. No one will ever know!


Add Glue Dots to Label
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

4. Now it’s time to start sticking. Start by adding glue dots, adhesive, or hot glue to both short edges of your label paper.


Placing Label on Bottle
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

5. Carefully align one of the glued edges in the center of the back of the bottle, careful not to touch the glue on the other edge of the paper.


Wrapping Paper Around Bottle
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

6. Now wrap the paper around the rest of the bottle until the other short edge overlaps where you’ve just glued. Now, carefully align the edges and stick down the second glued edge. Note: Depending on the weight of your paper, your glue dots may need some help. If you’re having trouble getting the paper to lay flat at the seam, secure the edge with hot glue. (Don’t worry about making it pretty — you can always cover a mess with washi tape!)


Adding Image to Label
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

7. Now it’s time to add your image. Flip the bottle around and eyeball center. Decide how you want your image to sit. Add tape or glue dots to the back of the image, align, and stick.


Adding Washi Tape to Bottle
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

8. Now get fancy! We love how washi tape can highlight the image (and keep the edges of the paper from lifting up), but don’t be afraid to get creative. Other awesome ideas for NYE hostess gifts: Spray your bottle with some adhesive and douse it with glitter; add a bow or some ribbon; or tie on a few sparklers for celebrating at midnight.





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