How to Make a Fun and Festive DIY Wreath from Coloring Pages

Get crafty with your coloring pages this season by creating a beautiful DIY wreath.

by Thea Voutiritsas

Add a personal touch to your holiday décor with a wreath made of your very own coloring pages. This deceptively quick and easy DIY is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your home for any occasion. With hundreds of adult coloring pages to choose from, you’re sure to create the perfect color combo for your home this season. All it takes is a little hot glue, some elbow grease, and inspiration.


DIY Adult Coloring Page Wreath

DIY Wreath from Coloring Pages
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

What You’ll Need:

  • Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
  • 16-17 completed coloring pages (or color copies), in complementary colors/patterns
  • A piece of cardboard (large enough for a 6-inch circle)
  • Paper trimmer or X-Acto knife and cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Double-stick tape
  • Pen or pencil
  • Hole punch (or scissors)
  • Ribbon or twine (for hanging)

What to Do:

cutting out cardboard circle
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

1. Cut a 6” circle out of cardboard and punch a hole in the top of it. This circle will serve as the base of your wreath. Don’t worry about making it perfect—it will not be visible when your wreath is complete. The most important part is just to make sure the hole is big enough to thread a ribbon through.


measuring 16 sections in circle
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

2. Using a ruler and pencil, roughly divide the circle into 16 slices. These little pie shapes will help you space your paper cones evenly. They don’t need to be perfect—just close enough to help you determine where each cone should go to ensure all 16 will fill the space. Start by drawing two intersecting lines to mark the rough center of the circle (you can eyeball it, or use a ruler to make sure you are going through the widest part of the circle). Continue drawing lines that pass through the center of the circle until you have 16 roughly equal triangles. (Note: Make sure your ribbon hole ends up on top of one of the lines. Otherwise, it might be hard to get your ribbon through the hole when it’s time to hang.)


trimming coloring pages
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

3. First, a note on selecting your designs: We recommend selecting no more than three different coloring page designs so you can alternate patterns without it looking too busy. It also helps to use colors that pair well together on each page so the final design doesn’t get too overwhelming. Once you have your designs selected, trim your 16 coloring pages (or color copies) into 6-inch squares. A paper trimmer is ideal (since it’s fast and foolproof!). If you don’t have one on hand, use an X-Acto knife, ruler, and cutting mat. In a pinch, scissors would work too. But if you’re using scissors, be sure to flip the paper over and mark your square in pencil before cutting.


forming paper cones
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

4. Time to turn your squares into cones! First, practice shaping your coloring page into a cone to help you decide which way you’d like the design to face. As you're shaping, make sure that the tip of the closed end of the cone and the point on the open end are lined up.  Once you've figured out how to orient your design, flip your square over and place a line of double-stick tape along the edge of the square that you will wrap on top when folding your cone. Then, form your cone shape and use your fingers to press the paper edges into place. (If you can't get your fingers inside the cone, we recommend using a pen to press from the inside while pressing with your fingers on the outside.) Form all 16 cones and set aside. (This would also be a good time to plug in your hot glue gun so its ready for step six!)


arranging cones
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

5. Before you begin assembling the wreath, take a few minutes to plan your design. Arrange the cones on top of your cardboard circle and decide how you’d like it to look. Try to alternate the different colors and patterns so that the wreath looks balanced. You may want to mark the triangles to help you remember which designs to place in each spot.

Paper Cone Wreath
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

6. One by one, use the hot glue gun to adhere each cone to the cardboard circle in its correct spot. As you place each cone, make sure the points come together neatly in the center of the circle. The points should be close enough to touch each other. To keep the cones spaced evenly, it helps to start by attaching every other cone, and then fill the spaces in between one by one.


covering center of wreath
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

7. Time for finishing touches! Cut a small circle (about 2 inches in diameter) out of one of the unused coloring pages and use hot glue to stick it to the center of the wreath where the points meet. If you want to switch things up, swap out the center circle for a large button or a cute little lightweight ornament.

8. Once you're confident all of the hot glue is set, thread a strip of ribbon through the hole in the cardboard to hang. For a foolproof color match, use one of the colors in the wreath as inspiration when you’re shopping for ribbon.


completed fall wreath
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

Now simply find a place to display your beautiful wreath, and enjoy! The door is a classic spot, but remember that the wreath isn’t necessarily weatherproof. If your front door is open to the elements, keeping it inside might be a better fit. Wherever you hang it, be sure to snap a pic and share it with us using #MyPoshColoring!


Which coloring pages would you use to create a festive wreath? Let us know in the comments below!




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