How to Boost Your Coloring Page With This Easy Stippling Technique

Learn how to use little dots to create a more dynamic coloring page.

Stippling is an easy technique that can totally transform your coloring pages. Stippling is basically adding tiny dots to the white spaces of your coloring page to create both dense and dark pigmentation or a more light and airy effect. The process of making these little dots can be time-consuming, but it’s a super relaxing technique and a fun way to add something different to your coloring pages.

Download my "Plenty of Petals" design to color along with me!

Start with your blank coloring page and your favorite coloring utensils. I’m using markers here, but pens or pencils work too. Here, I have a variety of markers from my daughter’s Crayola markers to Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pens to Stabilo pens. Keep in mind that this technique is best used on coloring pages that have open and larger white spaces—so smaller designs might not work as well.

Stippling is a super simple and fun way to apply color—all you need to do is put small dots down onto your coloring page. With this technique, I’ve found that it really helps to have different variations of your color. On my flower, I’ve put down a dark red near the center with the dots close to each other to create depth. As I move outward on the petals, the dots are going to be more spaced out. This creates a neat gradient effect from dark saturation to light.

Now, I’m going pick a lighter pink and add it in between the space of the darker dots. By overlapping these two markers, there’s more variation in color and you can also achieve a nice blended look.

To add even more contrast on a design like this one with flowers, alternate filling one petal with stippling and the next with a solid accent color. Combining solid colors and the stippling results in a well-balanced coloring page. As you can see on my completed design, the larger areas are filled with red and pink stippling and I’ve also utilized solid colors in the smaller areas to give my page some push and pull.

If you want to switch up your coloring, stippling is a super fun alternative to putting solid colors on your design. Consider this easy and relaxing technique for your next coloring creation!


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