Here Are 10 Printable Coloring Pages We're Loving This Month

We’ve added 50 new designs to our library—here are 10 of our favorites!

By Jasmine Lim

What better way to celebrate the chilly month of February than with a whole bunch of brand new adult coloring pages? From Valentine’s Day coloring pages to adorable cats to feel-good mantras, we’ve added a whole bunch of new designs to our collection for you to download, print, and color away. Check out our ten favorites here and head over to our “New This Month!” page for the rest.


1. “Furry Throne” by Yasmine Surovec

Furry Throne coloring page
There’s nothing more adorable than this sleeping kitty resting atop a pillow throne! (Click to download our "Furry Throne" coloring page!)

2. “Desert Rose” by Peanuts

Desert Rose coloring page
Color along with everyone’s favorite pup, Snoopy, as he winds his way through these cacti, succulents, and vines. (Click to download our "Desert Rose" coloring page!)

3. “Daring Birdsong” by Deborah Muller

Daring BIrdsong Coloring Page
We love this swirly bordered design featuring charming birds and an encouraging mantra for you to meditate on. (Click to download our "Daring Birdsong" coloring page!)

1. "Universal Struggles" by Katie Vaz

Universal Struggles coloring page

Calm your mind and settle into a soothing coloring session as you remember that you are not alone in your struggles. (Click to download our "Universal Struggles" coloring page!)

5. “Peace and Love and Doves” by Flora Chang

Peace and Love and Doves coloring page
Wouldn’t this patterned coloring page of hearts, peace signs, and birds make the grooviest 3D Valentine’s Day card?! (Click to download our "Peace and Love and Doves" coloring page!)

6. “Dahlia Delightful” by Susan Black

Dahlia Delightful coloring page
Overflowing with Dahlia flowers and patterned leaves, we think this flower coloring page would look stunning with one of our subtle V-Day color palettes. (Click to download our "Dahlia Delightful" coloring page!)

7. “Antarctica” by Posh Originals

Antarctica Coloring Page
Time to travel! Dive into this coloring page packed with animals that reside near Antarctica (I spy plenty of whales and penguins). Reach for colored pencils and one of our grayscale palettes for a cool and calm color scheme. (Click to download our "Antarctica" coloring page!)

8. “Fiery Female” by Flora Chang

Fiery Female coloring page
This coloring page just radiates female fierceness. Grab vibrant markers to color this design with glowing reds, oranges, and yellows! (Click to download our "Fiery Female" coloring page!)

9. “Icing on the Cakes” by Megan Halsey

Icing on the Cake coloring page
Check out this coloring page filled with desserts galore, perfect for showing off your colorful cake decorating skills. (Click to download our "Icing on the Cakes" coloring page!)

10. “Paisley in Fine Lines” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Paisley in Fine Lines coloring page
Here’s an insanely detailed coloring page that is sure to keep you busy for hours. Add your own little paisley swirls, twirls, and little flowers in the blank spaces for a personal touch. (Click to download our "Paisley in Fine Lines" coloring page!)



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