Get Creative With These 10 New Coloring Pages

From blooming flowers to soothing mantras, we’ve added 50 new coloring pages for May. Here are some of our favorites!

By Jasmine Lim

Whether you prefer eccentric geometric patterns or a challenging dot-to-dot activity page, we’ve just added something new for you! Check out ten of our favorite new printable coloring below and head over to our “New This Month!” page for the rest.

Boho Blooming Coloring Page

1. “Boho Blooming” by Susan Black
April showers bring beautiful May flowers! This coloring page is perfect for anyone who loves to color patterned foliage designs. (Click to download our "Boho Blooming" coloring page!)

Edges Intertwined

2. “Edges Intertwined” by Flora Chang
This coloring page is the ultimate geometric pattern and design. Color this page with your favorite bold markers to make each horizontal layer stand out. (Click to download our “Edges Intertwined” coloring page!)


Just Begin Coloring Page3. “Just Begin” by Deborah Muller
Relax with this coloring page featuring beautiful flower- and leaf-covered vines, a charming bird, and a soothing affirmation. (Click to download our "Just Begin" coloring page!)

Origami Pattern4. “Origami Pattern” by Posh Originals
We love the simplicity of this Japanese-inspired geometric coloring page made up of clean lines and angles. (Click to download our “Origami Pattern” coloring page!)


Bouquet and Bow Coloring Page5. “Bouquet and Bow” by Flora Chang
Here’s a sweet and intricate design that features a bouquet of blossoming flowers and a charming polka dot bow tying them all together. (Click to download our "Bouquet and Bow" coloring page!)

Tranquil Frog Pond Coloring Page6. “Tranquil Frog Pond” by Posh Originals
Reach for your favorite metallic or neon gel pens and fill the details of this frog pond scene with vibrant colors to make the hues really pop against the black background. (Click to download our "Tranquil Frog Pond" coloring page!)


Seaside Hideaway Coloring Page7. “Seaside Hideaway” by Thomas Kinkade
You can almost hear the waves crashing in the background as you color this soothing summery scene. (Click to download our "Seaside Hideaway" coloring page!)


Nest in a Trunk Coloring Page8. “Nest in a Trunk” by Steve Duffendack
Connect the dots on this nature-inspired activity coloring page. After completing the pattern, color it in with subtle neutral hues. (Click to download our "Nest in a Trunk" coloring page!)


Believe, Be Love Coloring Page9. “Believe, Be Love” by Susan Black
Soothe your soul with this design featuring an encouraging mantra you can color and meditate on. Once complete, trim the edges around the border and put it on display. (Click to download our "Believe, Be Love" coloring page!)

Stacking Owl Coloring Page10. “Stacking Owls” by Flora Chang
This design is a hoot! Color the folk-inspired owl illustrations, and don’t be afraid to add your own doodles in the more open white spaces of the design. (Click to download our "Stacking Owls" coloring page!)


We love seeing your beautiful works of art! Share with us your completed coloring pages on Facebook and Instagram using #MyPoshColoring.

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