Escape to the Sea with these 10 Beautiful Mermaid Coloring Pages

Dive into the fantastic world of underwater fun with these 10 magical mermaid coloring pages.

By Thea Voutiritsas

The mythical mermaid is the star of many magical stories. Along with breathtaking beauty, mermaids are also known for heart-stopping songs and an enchanting essence. Dive into the mystical underwater world with these 10 mermaid coloring pages. Surrounded by stunning seascapes and rolling waves, these designs will soothe your soul as you color.


1. “Paisley Mermaid” by Teresa Roberts Logan

paisley mermaid

Let the swirls and points of this paisley coloring page calm your mind. This mermaid’s opulent tail is any detail-oriented colorist’s dream. (Download “Paisley Mermaid” here!)


2. “Moons and Mermaids” by Deborah Muller

moons and mermaids

Relax and meditate on positive possibilities as you color this intricate design. This mermaid coloring page is filled with seashells, starfish, hearts, and pearls to help you quiet your mind. (Download “Moons and Mermaids” here!)


3. “Paisley Pike” by Teresa Roberts Logan

paisley pike

Enjoy the intricacies of paisley with this rich and detailed mermaid coloring page. The swirling waves and fins are sure to reward you with a well-rested mind. (Download “Paisley Pike” here!)


4. “Live in the Sunshine” by Deborah Muller

the peaceful maiden

Embrace a sense of inner calm and re-center your mind with this mermaid coloring page. This beautiful hand-drawn design is the perfect way to unlock your creativity and tranquility. (Download “Live in the Sunshine" here!)


5. “Puss and Octopus” by Flora Chang

puss and octopus

Boost your mood with this fun and folksy mermaid coloring page. Featuring swimming mer-kittens, an octopus, seashells, and starfish, this bright and cheerful design is a breath of fresh air. (Download “Puss and Octopus” here!)


6. “Undersea Kitty” by Flora Chang

undersea kitty

Cheer up with this adorable fish and cat coloring page. With sweet details like swirls, bubbles, and dots, this happy design is sure to make you smile. (Download “Undersea Kitty” here!)


7. “The Listening Maiden” by Deborah Muller

the listening maiden

Relax your mind as you color this gentle reminder to practice some self-care. This elaborate design is decorated with dragonflies, lotus flowers, and a delicate crown. (Download “The Listening Maiden” here!)


8. “Swim the Sea” by Susan Black

swim the sea

This bright and positive coloring page will empower you to take on the day. Dots, fish, birds, and waves fill the page to join you on your journey. (Download “Swim the Sea” here!)


9. “Sea-ing Beauty” by Deborah Muller

sea-ing beauty

Let this affirmative mantra remind you to enjoy the little things in life. Crabs, shells, stars, and fish fill the page edge to edge to remind you that there is beauty around every corner. (Download “Sea-ing Beauty” here!)



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