Dads Will Love These 12 Father’s Day Coloring Pages

These coloring pages are perfect for a quick and easy DIY Father’s Day Card.

Whether you’re looking to surprise Dad with a special work of art or to color along with him this Father’s Day, you’re sure to find a coloring page that he loves in the list we’ve compiled below. With just a few simple steps, these fun designs can easily be turned into the perfect card. Check out 12 of our favorite coloring pages for personalized Father’s Day Cards!

We recommend printing your coloring pages on cardstock for a more durable and professional look. For pattern-based designs: Once colored and folded, trim your card to 5x7-inches and it will fit perfectly in a size A7 envelope. For larger images that can’t be folded: Print your design on the right half of an 8.5x11-inch sheet of paper, fold, and the finished card should fit perfectly in a size A9 envelope. Want to get a bit fancier? Try our easy pop-up Father's Day card DIY project!


Our Favorite Adult Coloring Pages for DIY Father’s Day Cards

"Tie Supply" Peanuts Adult Coloring Page

1. “Tie Supply” by Peanuts
This coloring page is perfect for any smart-dressing dads. We love the fun mix of ties, bowties, cufflinks, and Linus (of course). (Download our “Tie Supply” coloring page here!)


"Summer Camp Snoopy" Adult Coloring Page

2. “Summer Camp Snoopy” by Peanuts
Use this coloring page for the outdoorsman in your life. With details such as tents, cabins, sleeping bags, and marshmallows, you’ll inspire a family camping trip in no time. (Download our “Summer Camp Snoopy” coloring page here!)


"Game Time" Peanuts Adult Coloring Page

3. “Game Time” by Peanuts
Featuring shoes, hoops, and basketballs, this fun and sporty coloring page is sure to make basketball fans smile. Not to mention a cameo from the Peanuts gang! (Download our “Game Time” coloring page here!)


Peanuts Fishing Adult Coloring Page

4. “The Old Dog and the Sea” by Peanuts
The fisherman in your life will love this fun and fish-filled pattern. We love seeing Snoopy cast a line in this coloring page. (Download our “The Old Dog and the Sea” coloring page here!)


Bowling Peanuts Adult Coloring Page

5. “Three Strikes is a Turkey” by Peanuts
Charlie Brown bowls a perfect game in this coloring page. The pattern features bowling pins, bowling balls, and fun shirts any bowling fan will love. (Download our “Three Strikes is a Turkey” coloring page here!)


Hockey Peanuts Adult Coloring Page

6. “Stanley Cup” by Peanuts
Hockey fanatics will love this coloring page! This pattern features details such as hockey sticks, pucks, masks, helmets, and a skating Snoopy. (Download our “Stanley Cup” coloring page here!)


Golf Peanuts Adult Coloring Page

7. “Hole in One” by Peanuts
This “Hole in One” coloring page is perfect for the golfing dad. Putt alongside the Peanuts gang with a pattern featuring golf clubs, tees, hats, and flags. (Download our “Hole in One” coloring page here!)


Nesting Birds Dot to Dot Coloring Page

8. “Nesting Birds” by Steve Duffendack
Connect the dots in this challenging coloring page perfect for the bird-loving dads out there. Plus, there’s a hidden message: The completed image shows a Papa bird feeding his three babies. (Precious!) (Download our “Nesting Birds” coloring page here!)


Strongman Show Coloring Page

9. “Strongman Show” by Flora Chang
This charming and intricate coloring page features snakes, stars, mustaches, tattoos, and much more. This folksy pattern is perfect to give alongside the “World’s Best Dad” award. (Download our “Strongman Show” coloring page here!)


Humongous Hairdo Adult Coloring Page

10. “Humongous Hairdo” by Flora Chang
We love this humorous, hand-drawn coloring page. This pattern makes the perfect gift for any dad who loves his hair. (Download our “Humongous Hairdo” coloring page here!)


Saint Martin Caribbean Adult Coloring Page

11. “Saint Martin, Caribbean” by Posh Originals
Bring dad along on a deep-sea adventure with this scuba-themed coloring page that features details such as turtles, sunken ships, and sharks. (Download our “Saint Martin, Caribbean” coloring page here!)


"A Joyful Pleasure" Coloring Page

12. “A Joyful Pleasure” by Megan Halsey
Try this coloring page for the avid readers! This calm and cozy pattern is perfect for your favorite bookworm. (Download our “A Joyful Pleasure” coloring page here!)


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