Are You in A Coloring Rut? Try this Tip for Easy Inspiration!

Do you ever get frustrated when your coloring page is just not turning out right? Here’s a fun little tip to find color palette inspiration anywhere.   

By Cher Kaufmann

Do you ever get frustrated when your coloring page is just not turning out right? Here’s a fun little tip to find inspiration around you every day—whether in your home, office, or while you’re going about your everyday life.  

For this exercise, I decided to take a look around my house for some quick inspiration. So, I found this tissue box, and I noticed that the design is made up of three different browns and three different blues. The blues are kind of different shades of turquoise, paired with three shades of tan, brown, or beige. This allowed me to pick a palette of six colored pencils based on the color scheme from this tissue box. Now I could’ve looked at maybe a sweater, shirt, book cover, or anything that is access to you that you can see what colors look good together and find inspiration that way.

So, I went to my pencils and I found that I didn’t have the exact matches, but that’s okay because I was inspired to look at groups of colors. I limited what I have just to these six colors and allow myself to have some playtime and freedom of expression, just by using these colors here. Let’s see how they apply when working with an actual coloring page.

Now, I don’t have to have a particular plan, I can just color in each shape with an individual color and just play with it that way. I don’t have to shade from color to color, which is okay and a good place to start. If you really want to play, I can start to overlap the colors and see how they begin to move together.

Let’s for example start with the darker colors here. I don’t have any plans, I don’t know what this is going to turn out to be, but I think I’m just going to put some color down. I begin to play with moving these colors together using what I have, based on what I found on a tissue box. I start to put these layers together just to see what they do together and how they overlap. Since I only have these three basic turquoise colors, I apply a little bit of pressure at first, and then go lighter or a bit heavier in other areas.

It’s always very helpful when you are beginning to move colors together to start with lighter layers, especially if you’re playing with colors you’ve never used together before. You begin to learn what they look like when they overlap, which is fun when you’ve only seen them together in another specific way before. There’s something about getting inspiration from another place that allows you to know it’ll work no matter how you pair them. You know that somehow they’ll all come together because you’ve seen them together before. In this case on that tissue box.  These teal and brown colors, they all have a nice punch of color but also a nice grounded feel.  So, no matter how I begin my coloring I know that whatever comes out is going to look kind of cool.

Now you’ve seen some examples of finding inspiration in even the simplest things like a tissue box. Look for color combinations in your world and find your style. Have fun!

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