Find Your Inner Bob Ross with This Awesome Coloring Book

Build your own happy little trees with this official Bob Ross coloring book.

By Jasmine Lim

The Bob Ross Coloring Book
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Colorists, rejoice! If you’re a fan of Bob Ross and his happy little trees, you’ll be pleased to find out that you can now recreate his paintings with a new adult coloring book: The Official Bob Ross Coloring Book. In this coloring book, you’ll find 76 line drawings based on Ross’s iconic landscape artwork, from gorgeous mountains to ocean sunsets to hideaway cabins in the woods. Each page is a chance to explore your inner artist and remember, as Ross says, “The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it.”

Detailed Vs. Simple Coloring Pages
Credit: Jasmine Lim / Posh Coloring Studio

This book truly has something for everyone because the designs vary in complexity, from simple scenes to ones with more fine details. The simpler line drawings have thick outlines with fewer details, leaving more white spaces perfect for practicing different coloring techniques (like blending colored pencils!). Other drawings have fewer wide open spaces to color but more details, creating the perfect canvas for colorists who like a more intricate design. And if you need a full-color reference for a particular page, the book also includes a gallery of Ross’s finished paintings, perfect for providing inspiration as you go. For colorists who like to display their finished work, the pages are unfortunately not perforated for easy tearing, but you can get around this by using an X-Acto knife to carefully cut out each page if you feel like hanging up your masterpiece.

But perhaps the best feature of this book is the timeless quotes and catchphrases from the late, great artist printed opposite many of the designs. Quotes like, “You can move mountains, rivers, trees, you can determine what your world is like…” remind you to always make your own creative decisions as you pursue your hidden artist with this coloring book.

Dive into Ross’s one-of-a-kind coloring book and make each painting your own. And don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines! As Ross would say, “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.”

Want to check this book out for yourself? Grab a copy of your own: The Bob Ross Coloring Book — $ 16.95


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