Challenge Yourself and Get Creative by Coloring with Makeup

We tried using makeup on coloring pages and here’s what happened.

By Thea Voutiritsas

From liquids and powders to glitters and creams, there are some pretty cool and colorful makeup products out there, and we’re always super curious what they’d look like on paper, not just on the skin. And while there are oodles of YouTube artists serious masterpieces by coloring with makeup, we thought there has to be a more casual application for this fun medium. So, we tried it for ourselves. And—surprise!—makeup can absolutely be used on adult coloring pages. Here are some of our top tips.

coloring with makeup
Credit: Kate Morin / Posh Coloring Studio

First, we recommend using standard, uncoated copy paper if you plan to color with makeup. It’s not so thick that it absorbs liquid products, but still has a little texture to help hold onto powders and glitters. It also allows cream products to glide on smoothly. But beware! Coloring with makeup can get pretty messy. Most large, fluffy brushes aren’t meant for a flat surface like paper, so it’s hard to keep it neat and stay inside the lines. Cotton swabs and little eye shadow applicators work well for powder products but aren’t ideal for detail work.  Small, stiff brushes like lip brushes and eyeliner brushes will work the best, but if you have small, stiff paintbrushes, those can work as well.


How to Use Makeup on Adult Coloring Pages

With so many types of makeup to choose from, we wanted to know how each product would perform. So we rounded up our makeup products and separated them into three different categories: powders, liquids, and creams.


Powders (Foundation, blush, eyeshadow, bronzer)

powder products
Credit: Kate Morin / Posh Coloring Studio

Powders like foundation, bronzer, and blush took a bit of work and a sturdy, stiff makeup brush to build up the color. You’ll have to spend some time really working the powder into the paper. In the end, though, coloring with powder makeup resulted in a light, even wash of color. Glittery powders (like eyeshadows), didn’t stick well when applied directly to the paper. However, they created a stunning, metallic look when used on top of a cream product (like lipstick) to help the pigment stick. One downside to powders: It’s hard to color within lines, which sometimes leads to coloring over them.


Liquids (Eyeliner, lip gloss, foundation)

liquid products
Credit: Kate Morin / Posh Coloring Studio

Liquid foundation was pretty easy to apply to coloring pages, so long as we used a small brush. The paper absorbed some of the liquid, so you do end up using more product than you might think to cover a large area. Lip-gloss, on the other hand, didn’t look so hot on paper. It turned out a streaky and gave the paper a sort of oily, translucent look. Our liquid eyeliner came in a chisel tip form, so it felt a lot like coloring with a regular old marker. We think regular liquid eyeliner could be a great way to sharpen existing coloring design lines after applying a powder makeup or to draw your own abstract outlines.


Creams (Lipstick, lip liner, eyeliner)

cream products

Lipstick, lip liners, and pencil eyeliners performed extremely well across the board, creating smooth, vibrant colors. The pencil-style products were great for detail work, but large lipsticks needed to be applied with a brush or used to fill in large areas. Some of the pencil products looked a little rough on top of the toothy texture of the paper but were still creamy enough to smooth out with a small brush if needed.


So, did coloring with makeup work?

Coloring with makeup is a fun experiment, but there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before breaking out your beauty bag. First, beware of oily and sticky products like lip gloss. Not only do they turn the paper translucent, but they take forever to dry. Second, be mindful of where you place your hands. Since the products take a long time to truly set on the paper, it’s easy to drag your hand through an area and cause smudging. Third, have fun! Makeup offers unique colors and textures you can play with to create gorgeous designs. Don’t be afraid to mix and layer different products and see what amazing results you can come up with!


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