Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with 9 Festive Coloring Pages

Bring the luck-o-the-Irish into your home with cutest St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Brighten your mood and bring some luck into your home with these cheerful and festive St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages. From lucky shamrocks to happy rainbows, we’ve got some serious coloring page gold coming your way. And for some extra inspiration, check out our favorite color palettes to help you Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

9 Festive Adult Coloring Pages for St. Patrick's Day

1. “Noble Knobs” by Flora Chang

noble knobs

Inspired by traditional arts and textiles, this pattern coloring page features crosses, flowers, leaves, and curves that would look absolutely gorgeous with any gold-and-green color palette. (Download “Noble Knobs” here!)


2. “Knotted Shamrock” by Teresa Roberts Logan

knotted shamrock

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this festive adult coloring page. A shamrock takes center stage in this design, surrounded by classic Celtic knot patterns to soothe your mind. (Download “Knotted Shamrock” here!)


3. “Rainbow Refinement” by Flora Chang

rainbow refinement

Enjoy this sweet and whimsical rainbow pattern as you channel the luck of the Irish. These cheerful clouds, arches, and stripes are sure to put you in a chipper mood. (Download “Rainbow Refinement” here!)


4. “Leafy Clover” by Steve Duffendack

leafy clover

Reduce stress and challenge your mind as you celebrate the day. This fun connect-the-dot coloring page features four leaf clovers, crowns, and triangles to bring you luck as you color. (Download “Leafy Clover” here!)


5. “Gnome Home” by Flora Chang

gnome home

We know gnomes and leprechauns aren’t quite the same, but you sure can you're your gnomes a little leprechaun flair with some green treatment. Enjoy this charming and folksy gnome as you fill in the intricate details in this adult coloring page. Complete with flowers, mushrooms, and birds, this design makes it hard not to crack a smile. (Download “Gnome Home” here!)


6. “Leafy Greens” by Steve Duffendack

leafy greens

This dot-to-dot coloring page is the perfect pattern for stress relief. Watch the relaxing leaves and trees spring to life as you complete the pattern and add color to this design. (Download “Leafy Greens” here!)


7. “Rolling Rows” by Flora Chang

rolling rows

Enjoy the intricate patterns of this rainbow coloring page. The whimsical triangles, hourglasses, and arches are perfect for a bright and cheery St. Patrick’s Day color scheme. (Download “Rolling Rows” here!)


8. “Irish Blessing” by Deborah Muller

Irish blessing

Relax, renew, and fill your heart with serenity as you color this spiritual adult coloring page. Featuring shamrocks, clovers, leaves, and blessings, this hand drawn design will fill your heart with joy. (Download “Irish Blessing” here!)


9. “Garden Variety Visitor” by Flora Chang

garden variety visitor

Boost your mood with a happy pattern of smiling gnomes. As chipper as leprechauns, these cheerful gnomes will have you over the rainbow. This coloring page features mushrooms, flowers, snails, and beards perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day color treatment. (Download “Garden Variety Visitor” here!)


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