Bring Your Mandalas to Life with This Simple Adult Coloring Hack

Learn six ways to use puff paint to make your mandala coloring pages POP!

By Thea Voutiritsas

Looking for a way to bring your coloring pages to life? Puff paint might just be your new BFF. This 3D paint is a unique (yet affordable) way to add a little va-va-voom to your coloring pages. While puff paint is ultra adorable on mandala coloring pages, it can be a cute addition to almost any design. Available in a wide array of vibrant colors and sheens, a walk down the aisle of puff paint possibilities may make your head spin. So, we’ve rounded up six easy ways to use puff paint on your coloring pages to give you a head start. (Just be sure to use a sturdy paper, like cardstock, to keep your designs in good shape.)


6 Ways to Use Puff Paint on Adult Coloring Pages

1. Dot, Dot, Dot

adding dots
Credit: Thea Voutiritsas / Posh Coloring Studio

Raised, 3D dots are an easy way to add some flair and dimension to a flat design. Dots are a fun way to fill in flowers or add interest to large, open spaces. They can also be used as accents on top of another medium (like markers or colored pencil).


2. All-In

coloring page filled with puff paint
Credit: Thea Voutiritsas / Posh Coloring Studio

If you’re feeling brave, use puff paint to fill the entire mandala for a smooth, eye-catching look. If you have trouble filling in the finer details of your design, unbend a paperclip and use it to drag the puff paint into smaller areas.


3. Accent Central

puff paint accents
Credit: Thea Voutiritsas / Posh Coloring Studio

If you’re going for just a pop of puff paint, use it to fill in details sparingly and draw your eyes to the soothing symmetry of a mandala pattern.  To keep it even subtler, use a monochromatic color palette.


4. White Space

puff paint with white space
Credit: Thea Voutiritsas / Posh Coloring Studio

Puff paint can be a little loud and overwhelming if you’re not careful. Consider leaving some white space to help break up the design and leave some breathing room between bright colors.


5. Making Waves

puff paint with waves
Credit: Thea Voutiritsas / Posh Coloring Studio

This puff paint trick might take a little practice. To make waves in your design, you’ll need two colors of puff paint and a paperclip. Put a few lines of puff paint next to each other, alternating between the two colors. Then, use a toothpick or straightened paperclip to drag the colors into each other, creating cool peaks and swirls.


6. Stained Glass

If colorful puff paint doesn’t suit your fancy, some understated black puff paint might do the trick. Rather than making it the focus of your design, use black puff paint to trace the black lines on your pre-colored page to create a stained-glass effect.


Be sure to check out our mandala coloring pages or other pattern coloring pages. We’ve got a whole slew of coloring pages that would look beautiful with a little puff paint treatment. We may have started with six tips for using puff paint, but don’t feel limited to those ideas alone. Take some time to relax and get creative with this fun and unique way to change up your coloring game.


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