Beginners Will Love this Cheap and Colorful Marker Set

This budget-friendly marker set includes 36 brilliant colors to bring the rainbow to your coloring pages.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Artist Loft Triangle Marker Closeup
Credit: Thea Voutiritsas / Posh Coloring Studio

For artists on a budget, Artist’s Loft delivers a variety of products at an affordable price point. We tested out their Triangle Markers—touted as perfect for drawing, illustration, and coloring—to see how they measure up to our other favorite adult coloring tools.

These affordable markers are water-based and non-toxic. With 36 original colors and a triangle shaped barrel for easy grip, they’re a good starter kit for kiddos or a beginning colorist. Here’s how they fared in our coloring tests:

The Paper Test

Any seasoned colorist knows that a marker’s performance highly depends on the paper it’s paired with. We tested how well the markers worked on three types of paper in search of three major signs of weakness: streaking, pilling, and bleeding.

Standard Copy Paper

Artist's Loft - 20 lb
Standard Copy Paper

On standard 20-pound uncoated copy paper, these markers did not fare so well. Though the color vibrancy was decent, they markers left behind a streaky appearance and tended to skid across the paper rather than glide. The markers also caused the paper to pill, sometimes nearly ripping it. It was difficult to go over the same spot twice while coloring unless you waited for the paper to dry. Even then, the paper tended to warp a bit after drying and there was significant bleed-through to the other side of the paper (though this isn’t totally surprising considering how thin typical copy paper is).


Digital Copy Paper

Artist's Loft - 28 lb
Digital Copy Paper

Coloring on slightly heavier, coated paper made a huge difference with these markers.  The application was much smoother and the paper didn’t pill nearly as much. The markers also hardly bled through the paper—colors are still faintly visible from the other side, but not enough to interfere with double-sided coloring projects.



Artist's Loft - cardstock

Cardstock was by far the best match for these markers. The markers moved along the paper smoothly and you could easily go back and fill in gaps without causing a streaky appearance. Plus, the ink didn’t cause any warping or bleed through the paper at all. A word to the wise: The marker tips almost slipped a little too easily against the paper, so sometimes staying inside the lines was difficult. If you decide to try these markers, we highly suggest pairing them with a heavier weight paper or card stock!


Pros and Cons

Artist's Loft Triangle Markers
Credit: Thea Voutiritsas / Posh Coloring Studio

The biggest plus by far of these markers is the sheer number of colors to choose from. Plus, the triangle shape of the pen barrel makes them very easy to hold on to. They’re also extremely affordable: A set of 36 will set you back just $9.98 on Amazon (and are Prime eligible, just sayin’). And, if you’re willing to wait or have a store nearby, they’re available for a nearly half the price at Michael’s.

The makers work well for medium-size detail work, but they’re certainly not as thin as other tools we’ve used (like the Tombow Twintone Marker or the fine side of the Staedtler Duo-Color Markers). The thing that bothered us most about these markers was how hard it was to keep track of the colors. While a list of colors is available on the package (Ancient Purple! Vermilion! Fluorescent Pink!), the markers themselves are not labeled. And to make matters even worse, some of the cap colors don’t match the color of the ink very well. This makes coloring with these 36 markers a bit of a guessing game.

So, What’s the Verdict?

This pack is probably best for beginners who are looking for an inexpensive set of tools to get started with, or if you’re looking for something that’s non-toxic and cheap enough to share with kids (who may not treat markers with as much love and care as adult coloring enthusiasts tend to!). For colorists with plenty of existing markers to choose from or with more coloring experience, these markers probably won’t stand up to the competition.

Want to give them a shot? Buy It Now: Artist’s Loft Fundamentals Triangle Markers — $9.98 via Amazon


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