8 Uplifting Coloring Pages to Inspire Self Confidence

Need a little pick-me-up? Print one of these inspiring designs for your next mood-boosting coloring sesh.

We all know coloring can help reduce stress and boost your mood, but we think it’s great for improving self-confidence, too! Creating your own work of art is freeing and inspiring, and even more so when the coloring page you’re working on has an inspirational message of its own! Here are eight of our favorite uplifting coloring pages for the next time you need a little artistic pick-me-up.

8 Uplifting Adult Coloring Pages to Inspire Confidence

1. “Decide for Yourself” by Katie Vaz

Decide For Yourself Adult Coloring Page by Katie Vaz

Take charge of your own destiny with this empowering adult coloring page design. Our “Decide for Yourself” forces yourself to look in the mirror and reflect on your own power. (Download “Decide for Yourself” here!)


2. “Be True to Who You Are” by Susan Black

Be True to Who You Are by Susan BlackThis uplifting, flower-filled design is a great reminder when life brings challenges your way. We love the patterned petals and funky lettering! (Download “Be True to Who You Are” here!)


3. “Birds on a Wire” by Deborah Muller

Birds On a Wire Adult Coloring Page by Deborah MullerNeed some motivation to step outside your comfort zone? Let these pretty paisley birds help you dare to be different! (Download “Birds on a Wire” here!)


4. “Braver Than You Know” by Katie Vaz

Braver Than You Know Adult Coloring Page by Katie VazFly high among the clouds with this confidence-boosting mantra. We love the funky patterns and sketchy style of Katie Vaz’s inspiring adult coloring pages. (Download “Braver Than You Know” here!)


5. “Strong Like My Coffee” by SHAPE

Strong Like My Coffee Adult Coloring PageThis fun, spunky design is perfect for gym rats and coffee lovers alike. (Download “Strong Like My Coffee” here!)


6. “Let Yourself Be Wild & Free” by Susan Black

Wild and Free Adult Coloring PageWhat a perfect reminder to be free, and be yourself! We love the beautiful patterned flowers and butterflies in this design by artist Susan Black. (Download “Let Yourself Be Wild & Free” here!)


7. “Be Unapogetically You” by Katie Vaz

Be You Adult Coloring Page…and eat that whole pie if you want to! This fun design by Katie Vaz is the perfect reminder to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and be yourself. We can get on board with that message! (Download “Be Unaplogetically You” here!)


8. “A Form of Courage” by Deborah Muller

A Form of Courage Adult Coloring PageDon't worry, be happy! If you love detailed adult coloring pages, this one is for you. Filled with little petals and leaves, this page will keep you entertained for hours. (Download “A Form of Courage” here!)


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