8 of the Best Coloring Pages to Pair with Copic Markers

Discover the best coloring pages to use for your Copic marker creations.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Copic markers are a great tool for creating vibrant and beautifully blended adult coloring pages. However, not all coloring pages are Copic marker-friendly. If you’re new to Copic markers (or you just feel like experimenting), you’ll want a little more room to work with so you can blend away without fear of accidentally going outside the lines. To help you out, we’ve rounded up eight adult coloring pages perfect for Copic markers.

We strongly recommend printing these coloring pages on a thick, heavy cardstock like this 100lb Cover Speckletone paper, or this True White Speckletone Recycled Cardstock. Marker paper or a sturdy multimedia paper will work, too.


8 Adult Coloring Pages Perfect for Pairing with Copic Markers

1. “Fireflies and Busy Bees” by Steve Duffendack

Fireflies and Busy Bees

Capture the luminescence and beauty of fireflies on paper. This spacious and summery design makes a perfect Copic marker coloring page thanks to its open background, large glass jar, and a big branch that give you plenty of room to color and blend. (Download “Fireflies and Busy Bees” here!)

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2. “Angry Waves” by Posh Originals

angry waves

Feel the energy of the wild ocean with this bold design. The large, roaring waves give you plenty of opportunities to create gentle gradients from within one color family. (Download “Angry Waves” here!)


3. “Plenty of Petals” by Alisa Burke

Plenty of Petals

Filled with bountiful blossoms that pop off the page and spring to life. With a variety of petal sizes, lengths, and shapes, you’ll have a coloring heyday with this Copic-friendly adult coloring page. (Download “Plenty of Petals” here!)


4. “Butterflies Aflutter” by Posh Originals

Butterflies Aflutter

Relax and free your mind with this expansive butterfly coloring page. The roomy, lined background is great for blending colors, while the butterflies in the center are ready for bright details and bold colors. (Download “Butterflies Aflutter” here!)


5. “Bicycles & Berets” by Flora Chang

Bicycles and Berets

Enjoy this intricate and folksy adult coloring page featuring a cat, bicycle, and loads of little birdies. The open background means infinite blending possibilities, while the spacious line art of the cats and birds mean plenty of room to blend shadows and highlights for animals that pop. (Download “Bicycles & Berets” here!)


6. “Rose Bouquets” by Katie Vaz

Rose Bouquets

Treat yourself to this cheerful bounty of flowers and succulents. With an invigorating combination of shapes and sizes, the petals of this Copic-friendly coloring page offer a chance to get colorful and creative. (Download “Rose Bouquets” here!)


7. “Matching Mother” by Flora Chang

Matching Mother

Copics are a popular choice among anime artists for their amazing ability to create beautiful hair and skin tones. If you’re interested in some anime-style detail work, you’ll love this adult coloring page for its voluminous hairstyle, smiling profile-style portrait, and adorable polka dots. (Download “Matching Mother” here!)


8. “Retro Floral Jubilation” by Susan Black

Retro Floral Jubilation

Channel a fun and funky sixties vibe with this delightful flower coloring page. With both large and small flowers filled with details, you’ll have plenty of chances to test your Copic markers on detail work and blend in the roomier spaces. (Download “Retro Floral Jubilation” here!)


While Copic markers come with a bit of a learning curve (see our first try with them here!), they’re also a fun way to advance your adult coloring skills and try out new blending techniques. Don’t be afraid to relax, experiment, and have a little fun with your art. After all, that’s what coloring is for!


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