11 Beautiful Coloring Pages That Scream Summer

Download these coloring pages to celebrate the start of summer!

The first day of summer is officially here! To celebrate, we’ve rounded up eight coloring pages that are perfect to help celebrate this beautiful, bountiful season!

1. “Sunflower Serenity” by Posh Originals

Sunflower Serenity Coloring PageThis design reminds us of that sweet few weeks in late summer when gardens are filled with these big, sunshiny blooms! (Download this sunflower-filled coloring page here!)


2. “Watermelon” by Martha Stewart

Watermelon Coloring PageThere’s something quintessentially summery about a nice slice of watermelon, isn’t there? We can almost feel the watermelon juice dripping down our chins! (Click to download our watermelon coloring page!)


3. “Hibiscus Harmony” by Posh Originals

Hibiscus Harmony Coloring PageThis one has us dreaming of a tropical beach vacation… Hawaii, maybe? *Siiiigh* If hopping on a jet plane isn’t in the cards this summer, color this bloom-filled page from home while dreaming of those black sand beaches. (Download our hibiscus coloring page here!)


4. “Paisley Mermaid” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Paisley MermaidWe love the paisley design all over this hand-drawn mermaid’s tail. (Download this mermaid coloring page here!)

5. “Flower Power” by Peanuts

Flower Power Coloring Page by PeanutsColor along with the Peanuts gang! This coloring page features fun flowers and leaves, along with a favorite summer treat: sweet, sweet strawberries. (Download this Peanuts-themed coloring page here!)


6. “The Benefits of Gardening” by Better Homes and Gardens

The Benefits of Gardening Coloring PageOne of the best parts about summer? Garden-fresh tomatoes, of course! While you’re waiting for this year’s crop to ripen, dream up all of the recipes you’ll make while coloring this super seasonal design. (Click to download this tomato-filled coloring page!)


7. “Dahlias, Mums, and Daisies, Too!” By Susan Black

Dahlias, Mums, and Daisies Adult Coloring Book Page by Susan BlackWhether in curated gardens filling front yards or growing in the wild alongside trails or the highway, summer is certainly filled with flowers. This page reminds us of just how beautiful and bountiful summer can be! (Download this flower coloring page here!)


8. “Let the Sun Shine” by Susan Black

Let the Sun Shine Coloring PageThe design really says it all, doesn’t it? Winter’s long gone, the spring showers are over, and finally summer, and all of its lovely sunshine, is HERE! (Download this sunshiny coloring page now!)


9. “It Doesn’t Get Much Better” by Thomas Kinkade

Fishing Coloring Page by Thomas KinkadeWe love the realistic style of this coloring page that perfectly captures a serene summer fishing scene. (Click to download this landscape coloring page!)


10. “Summer Lovin’” by Charles Schulz

Summer Lovin' Coloring Page by PeanutsKick off summer with this fun, beach-themed coloring page featuring just a few of our favorite things: ice cream, beach balls, sun, sand, and the Peanuts crew! (Download this sunny and summery coloring page here!)


11. “Bouquet of Blossoms” by Alisa Burke

Bouquet of Blossoms Coloring PageThese blooming flowers and lovely leaves will make you want to get your own garden off the ground this summer! (Download this fun and floral coloring page here!)


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