11 Awesome Autumn Coloring Pages to Download Today

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the change of the seasons with these beautiful Fall-inspired designs. 

Fall may still be a few weeks away, but we’re already dreaming of sunflower fields and gazing at a rainbow of colors along the tree line. Here are eleven pages we’ll be coloring as the weather turns cool and the foliage starts to turn as we celebrate the season. When you're done with these, browse the rest of our seasonal coloring pages!


1. “Pear Flair” by Flora Chang

Pear Flair Coloring PagePears appearing at the local farmer’s market is one of our favorite signs that Fall has arrived! Celebrate the season (and the arrival of one of our favorite fruits) with this festive design. (Download this fall harvest-inspired coloring page here!)


2. "Autumn Harvest" by Steve Duffendack

Autumn Harvest Coloring Page Connect the dots on this festive design to draw your own perfect pumpkin. Once the dots are connected, color the design with your favorite fall hues! (Download this dot-to-dot pumpkin coloring page here!)


3. “A Whole Lotta Leaves” by Susan Black

Whole Lotta Leaves Coloring PageThis simple but festive page has us thinking of crisp Fall days with little leaves crunching underfoot. (Download our “A Whole Lotta Leaves” design here!)


4. "Halloweenie" by Peanuts

Halloweenie Peanuts Coloring Page

Celebrate our favorite fall holiday with Snoopy and friends! This coloring page features intricate designs from hears and flowers to jack-o-lantern faces. (Download this Peanuts Halloween adult coloring page here!) 


5. “Nature Lover” by Susan Black

Nature Lover Coloring PageThis page is perfect for Autumn-lovers. Wouldn’t a nice palette of reds and oranges with hints of purple and blue transform his design beautifully? (Click to download this lovely coloring page!)


6. "Victorian Autumn" by Thomas Kinkade

Victorian Autumn Coloring Page

Celebrate the arrival of fall by coloring this picturesque scene featuring plenty of fall foliage. (Download our "Victorian Autumn" coloring page here.)


7. “Sunflower Serenity” by Posh Originals

Sunflower Serenity Coloring PageA field of blooming sunflowers turning towards the sunlight is one of the images most representative of Fall. If you can’t make it to one in person, color this page to evoke a similar feeling! (Download here to start coloring this sunny design now!)

8. “Autumn Leaves Galore” by Susan Black

Autumn Leaves Galore Coloring PageFrom oak to maple, this medley of fallen leaves covers mixed with teeny tiny berry accents would be perfect to use for DIY place cards on your Thanksgiving table. (Click to download this homage to Fall!)

9. “Evening at Autumn Lake” by Thomas Kinkade

Evening at Autumn Lake Coloring PageThis quaint cottage nestled among crimson and terracotta trees makes us want to high tail it towards a weekend in the woods! (Download this serene fall-inspired scene here.)


10. “Sunflower Fields” by Katie Vaz

Sunflower Fields Coloring PageWe love the whimsical style of these tall sunflower fields and fluffy clouds. (Download our “Sunflower Fields” coloring page here!)


 11. "Fall Feast" by Marjolein Bastin

Fall Feast Coloring Page

From gourds to apples to pumpkins to corn, the critters in this fall-inspired still live are eating well! (Download our "Fall Feast" coloring page here.) 


Want to keep coloring? Browse the rest of our seasonal adult coloring pages here!

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