6 Easy Ways to Boost the Backgrounds of Your Coloring Pages

Add some originality to often-overlooked coloring page backgrounds with these creative techniques.

by Thea Voutiritsas

Ever finish a coloring page and feel like something is missing? It’s easy to overlook the background of your adult coloring pages, but a plain white background can leave a beautiful design feeling incomplete. Adding a little color and creativity to that area can bring your coloring pages to the next level. Here are six ideas to inspire you to color that new frontier:


6 Ways to Color Backgrounds

Background Doodle Patterns
Credit: Thea Voutiritsas / Posh Coloring Studio

1. Doodle Patterns
Sometimes the cutest coloring pages are also the simplest ones, but filling them in with solid colors can get a little mundane. Filling in large blocks of space with doodle patterns is an easy way to add an adorable dose of drama to your coloring pages. Little shapes like diamonds, leaves, and flowers are simple to draw and can help create some visual interest. You can also create small lines, dashes, and dots to add texture and character.


Watercolor Background
Credit: Thea Voutiritsas / Posh Coloring Studio

2. Watercolor
Watercolor pencils or regular watercolor paints can help add a splash of color to any coloring page background. Using a brush on a large surface will be much faster than shading it in with a pencil or marker. Use warm hues to create a beautiful sunrise, or paint in a dark night sky using blues, purples, and black. (Pro tip: Sprinkle a little salt on the wet paint to create stars!) Download our "Geometric Relaxation" mandala coloring page to recreate this look at home!


Stippling Background

3. Stippling
Stippling is a quick and easy way to add dimension and texture to adult coloring pages. You can densely pack the dots in a certain area to indicate darkness or a shadow, and slowly decrease the amount of dots as you move into lighter areas. Go with one color, or mix ‘em to add even more interest. (Download our "Braver Than You Know" coloring page here!) 


Outline Background

4. Outlining
For coloring pages focusing on one central object, draw extra attention by outlining it into infinity. Use a variety of colors to make a wild rainbow look, or go for something subtler by keeping it in the same color family. You can outline the subject in sharp blocks, or soft waves to create different looks. Try this technique yourself with our "Redmont Hotel" adult coloring page


Geometric Background5. Geometric Patterns
Relive the golden days of Microsoft Paint. Go wild drawing clusters of shapes or scribbles, and then fill them in with solid blocks of color. This will add a modern, geometric look to any plain background. (Want to give this coloring page a shot of your own? Download our "Alhambra Andalusian Masterpiece" design here.) 


Coloring Page Background Do’s and Don’ts

DO mix shapes and patterns. Try out using squares with triangles or flowers with dots.

DON’T go overboard, or the page can start to look busy. A few patterns can be pretty, but too many can become overwhelming. Try to focus on a central theme or idea to help you tie everything together.

DO leave some white space. White space is just as important as color and it helps you keep the piece balanced.

DON’T be afraid! The best part of filling in the background is that there are no rules: just go with the flow.

DO have fun! Make shapes and patterns up as you go. Experiment with free handing. Use your imagination.


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