6 Easy Teacher Gift Ideas to Craft from Coloring Pages

Dazzle those teachers with these easy and creative DIY teacher gifts.

By Kate Morin

We hear you: Coming up with a memorable gift for your kids’ teachers is tough! With the holidays and end-of-year celebrations in full-swing, no one has time for elaborate gifts or running to the store. So we’ve gathered five fun and easy DIYs that you and the littles can craft together with just a few simple materials and a free afternoon. Bonus? They won’t break the bank!

Framed Custom Coloring Page1. Framed Personalized Coloring Page

Create a custom piece of art for your kid’s teacher by turning a favorite photo of her students into a piece of art. It’s easy! Start by turning any photo into a custom coloring page. All you need to do is upload your photo and edit the automated line drawing to your liking to create the perfect one-of-a-kind coloring page. Print it off and get to coloring with the kids! Once it’s done, trim the edges, stick it in a frame, and slap on a bow.


Coloring Page Gift Tags
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

2. DIY Gift Tags

When it comes to holiday teacher gifts, you’ll definitely need a gift tag (otherwise, how will they know which kid (err… parent?) to give the brownie points to?!). Skip the store and add a personal touch to any gift with one of these easy DIY gift tags. The best part? Even little kids can help, and there are no messy materials required. Let the littles take care of the coloring and you can do the cutting. After that, you’re just a ribbon away from a festive gift tag.


Keepsake Box with Adult Coloring Page
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

3. Keepsake Box

Whether it ends up filled with push pins and paperclips or confiscated cell phones, this keepsake box is a great gift for any teacher. Use whatever coloring page design you like on the top of the box, whether it’s something beautiful you’ve colored or scribbles by your little artist. Another way the kids can help with crafting? Let them paint the box before you add the design to the top using mod podge.


Coloring Page Magnets
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

4. DIY Designer Magnets

Any teacher will appreciate some cool magnets for their classroom! They’re a great way to add a pop of color to file cabinets and whiteboards… and they’re functional. Make a small set with fun classroom-inspired details (maybe from this school-themed coloring page by Peanuts?) or use sections from any coloring page colored by your kiddo.


Coloring Page Monogram Letter
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

5.  Pretty Monogram Letters

What teacher wouldn’t want a colorful monogram letter to accent their desk or bookshelves? You can even add ribbon to turn it into a classy and cool piece of wall art! All you need is a few simple materials that can easily be picked up at any craft store. Feelin’ extra ambitious? Partner up with other parents and make enough letters to spell out a larger message — like “Ms. Smith’s Classroom!”


Folding Coloring Page Into Envelope
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

6. Personalized Stationary

If you’re short on time and aren’t the craftiest mama out there, a DIY card and envelope is the perfect way to thoughtfully package the easiest present of all time: a gift card! Custom cards are easy: Just print your coloring page on card stock, fold, and trim the edges. Envelopes are almost as easy and just require a few additional steps, which you can find in our tutorial here.

Any of these creative DIY gifts would be a great way to say thanks to the teachers that work so hard to educate those kiddos. Happy crafting!


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