20 Animal Coloring Pages from Realistic to Whimsical

Check out our top 20 animal adult coloring pages spanning the gamut of styles.

From cats and dogs to llamas and iguanas, animals are one of our favorite details to adorn adult coloring pages. Whether you’re looking for a whimsical, folksy design to color with crayons or a realistic coloring page to craft with colored pencils we’ve got the perfect animal adult coloring page for you. Here are 20 of our favorite designs. Not finding what you want? Browse our full collection of animal coloring pages here!


20 Animal Coloring Pages to Color Today

1. “Sunshine Llamas” by Steve Duffendack

Sunshine Llamas

Travel to and Andes mountains from your very own home with this fun adult coloring page, featuring mountains, llamas, cacti, and a brilliant shining sun. (Download “Sunshine Llamas” here!)


2. “Cats & Flowers Forever” by Susan Black

Cats and Flowers Forever

Fanciful and vibrant, this folksy animal coloring page covered with cats and flowers is perfect for an uplifting coloring session. (Download “Cats & Flowers Forever” here!)


3. “Hello, Iguana” by Steve Duffendack

Hello, Iguana

Transport yourself straight to the jungle floor with this realistic design featuring a detailed close-up of one of the earth’s most beautiful creatures! (Download “Hello, Iguana” here!)


4. “Gregarious Giraffe” by Flora Chang

Gregarious Giraffe

Enjoy this charming hand-drawn coloring page by artist Flora Chang. This design features her sweet and intricate folk art style and details such as animals, acorns, mushrooms, flowers, and leaves. (Download “Gregarious Giraffe” here!)


5. “Tranquil Frog Pond” by Posh Originals

Tranquil Frogs

Immerse yourself in this complex and beautiful adult coloring page featuring lily pads, a family of frogs, giant leaves, and water lilies. (Download “Tranquil Frog Pond” here!)


6. “Owl in the Night Sky” by Posh Originals

Owl in the Night Sky

Free your mind from your worries and refocus on relaxation as you color this soothing and pattern-filled animal coloring page. (Download “Owl in the Night Sky” here!)


7. “Forest Canopy: Menagerie in the Branches” by Posh Originals

Forest Canopy

Bring this lush rainforest scene to life as you color this intricate design featuring toucans, birds, monkeys, and palm trees. (Download “Forest Canopy: Menagerie in the Branches” here!)


8. “Swirling, Gleaming Fish” by Posh Originals

Swirling Gleaming Fish

Spark your inner creativity with this elegant, simple design featuring beautiful koi fish happily swimming along. (Download “Swirling, Gleaming Fish” here!)


9. “Seahorse Squad” by Posh Originals

Seahorse Squad

Color along with this fun and bubbly seahorse squad! Featuring seahorses, seaweed, bubbles, and coral, this coloring page will take you on a deep-sea adventure. (Download “Seahorse Squad” here!)


10. “Fish Friends Forever” by Flora Chang

Fish Friends Forever

This sweet and charming coloring page features to friendly fish to make you smile. Each fish is decorated with flowers, swirls, and leaves to create a colorful design. (Download “Fish Friends Forever” here!)


11. “Paisley Peacock” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Paisley Peacock

Enjoy the intricacies of paisley patterns with this opulent peacock. This coloring page is perfect for a hypnotic and satisfying coloring session. (Download “Paisley Peacock” here!)


12. “Schnauzer in a Scarf” by Better Homes and Gardens

Schnauzer in a Scarf

Channel your inner dog lover with this adorable Schnauzer toting a braided wool scarf. This coloring page is as delightful as it is adorable. (Download “Schnauzer in a Scarf” here!)


13. “Abyssinian in a Bow Tie” by Better Homes and Gardens

Abyssinian in a Bow Tie

Cat lovers will fawn over this Abyssinian in a plaid bowtie. This cat’s swirling fur pattern creates a perfectly fuzzy and enchanting design. (Download “Abyssinian in a Bow Tie” here!)


14. “Toucan Party” by Posh Originals

Toucan Party

Let these happy Toucans carry your worries away. Their geometric patterns and lush forest backdrop is sure to make you smile. (Download “Toucan Party” here!)


15. “Hidden Jaguar” by Posh Originals

Hidden Jaguar

Free your mind from worries and refocus on relaxation as you color this soothing design. Uncover a fierce jungle cat hidden in the forest as you fill in this exotic scene. (Download “Hidden Jaguar” here!)


16. “Unicorn Borne” by Flora Chang

Unicorn Borne

This fantastic and whimsical unicorn coloring page is as adorable as it is enchanting. Featuring a unicorn and three cats, you can escape into a fairytale folk art world as you color. (Download “Unicorn Borne” here!)


17. “Armadillo Tango” by Flora Chang

Armadillo Tango

These cute, hand-drawn armadillos are the perfect Tex-Mex twist on Flora Chang’s folk art style. Let the good times roll as you color the flowers, leaves, tails, and paws that fill this coloring page. (Download “Armadillo Tango” here!)


18. “Hummingbird Alights” by Posh Originals

Hummingbird Alights

This intricate and mesmerizing coloring page is the perfect design for a meditative coloring session. Featuring birds, flowers, and feathers, your mind will feel relaxed and focused in no time. (Download “Hummingbird Alights” here!)


19. “Elegant Warblers” by Posh Originals

Elegant Warblers

Inspired by traditions and seasonal festivals of Japan, this elegant coloring page is sure to spark your creativity. This design features two birds perched on delicate leaves that’ll spring to life as you fill them with color. (Download “Elegant Warblers” here!)


20. “Leaping Goldfish” by Posh Originals

Leaping Goldfish

Enjoy the swirling waves and ascending goldfish in this sea-life inspired coloring page. Fish lovers will enjoy filling in the scales, fins, and bubbles that accompany this intricate design. (Download “Leaping Goldfish” here!)


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