14 Coloring Pages to Help You Stick to Your New Years Resolutions

Let these encouraging phrases keep you motivated all year long.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Rolling out some new-you resolutions for 2019? Kick off the New Year right with 14 pages to put you in a positive mindset. These encouraging adult coloring pages are the perfect way to relax your mind and reflect on your goals as you prep for success this year.


14 Motivational Adult Coloring Pages for the New Year

1. “Working on Myself” by Deborah Muller

Working on Myself

Relax and meditate on this encouraging reminder that it’s okay to focus on YOU sometimes. Put yourself first this year as you take some time to color the delicate spirals, flowers, and vines that frame this hand-lettered quote. (Download “Working on Myself” here!)


2. “Be Brave Be Kind Be True Be You” by Susan Black

Be Brave Be Kind

Quiet your mind and quell your worries with this affirmative mantra. Featuring leaves, polka dots, hearts, and flowers, this positive adult coloring page will leave you feeling creative and confident. (Download “Be Brave Be Kind Be True Be You” here!)


3. “Move a Little More” by Katie Vaz

Move a Little More

Cheer up with this feel-good phrase that’ll get your body moving. Decorated with oak trees, leaves, branches, and adorable lettering, this adult coloring page will remind you to find joy in the little things. (Download “Move a Little More” here!)


4. “Goals, Prayers, Work” by Deborah Muller

Goals Prayers work

Remember that there’s nothing a little faith and elbow grease can’t solve. Intricate leaves, curls, flowers, and dragonflies surround this beautiful affirmation to leave you feeling relaxed and optimistic this year. (Download “Goals, Prayers, Work” here!)


5. “Be True to Who You Are” by Susan Black

Be True to Who You Are

Let this fanciful and vibrant adult coloring page encourage you to celebrate yourself every single day. Featuring leaves, dots, flowers, and unique lettering, this design is the perfect reminder to be true to you. (Download “Be True to Who You Are” here!)


6. “More Focus” by Deborah Muller

More Focus

Quiet your mind and narrow your focus with this helpful reminder that less is more. Decorated with flowers, spirals, dots, and swirly cursive words, this coloring page is perfect for clearing your mind and meditating on your goals. (Download “More Focus” here!)


7. “This is the Beginning of Anything You Want” by Susan Black

This is the Beginning

Let this motivational coloring page remind you that every day is a new beginning. Featuring butterflies, hearts, and a cute cursive quote, this is the perfect page for a fresh start and a positive mindset. (Download “This is the Beginning of Anything You Want” here!)


8. “Moments for Yourself” by Katie Vaz

Moments for Yourself

Let this feel-good design remind you to unplug every once in a while. Complete with sunshine, hills, clouds, and some motivational words, this adult coloring page is a great way to take a break and find some peace as you color.  (Download “Moments for Yourself” here!)


9. “Do All Things with Great Kindness” by Susan Black

Do All Things With Great Kindness

Let this fun and floral coloring page bring a touch of kindness to your day-to-day activities. Featuring daisies, dots, and adorable letters, this design is the perfect positive pick-me-up for a busy year. (Download “Do All Things with Great Kindness” here!)


10. “Say Yes” by Katie Vaz

Say Yes

Simplify your life by owning two simple phrases: yes and no. This positive coloring page is an empowering reminder to say yes to more of what you love and no to what you don’t. (Download “Say Yes” here!)


11. “Trust in You” by Susan Black

Trust in You

Soothe your soul with this fun and floral reminder to trust yourself first. Featuring butterflies, bumblebees, flowers, and leaves, this coloring page will help you let go of your worries and let them float away. (Download “Trust in You” here!)


12. “Slow Down” by Katie Vaz

Slow Down

Remember to stop and smell the sweet things in life with this delicious and endearing adult coloring page. Featuring cakes, icing, hearts, and dots, this design is a tasty reminder to treat yourself every once in a while. (Download “Slow Down” here!)


13. “Sweat It On” by SHAPE

Sweat it On

Get motivated and de-stress with this fun and encouraging coloring page. Featuring tennis shoes, weights, and other workout gear, you’ll be ready to bust a move after your next coloring session. (Download “Sweat It On” here!)


14. “Garden Goodies” by Katie Vaz

Garden Goodies

Nourish your mind and body with this gentle reminder to eat some things that don’t come from a box. Featuring a basket of fresh veggies and a baguette, this coloring page will have you running for the farmer’s market in no time. (Download “Garden Goodies” here!)


While New Year’s resolutions are all the rage, take some time to relax, reset, and remind yourself that every day is a new day. Let these encouraging coloring pages help you channel inner strength and keep stress at bay. And don’t forget to check out some of our other cheerful and cheeky quotes to keep you coloring all year long.


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