12 Fun and Fresh Houseplant Coloring Pages

Bring some green into your home and celebrate National Houseplant Appreciation Day with these 12 fresh and fun coloring pages.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Spruce up your space and your gratitude for nature by celebrating National Houseplant Appreciation Day. And yes, that’s a real thing. This January 10th, take a moment to catch a breath of fresh air and appreciate all of the positives that plants bring into your life (and home). And whether you’ve got a green thumb or not, these 12 houseplant coloring pages are the perfect way to add some floral love to your life.


1. “Keeping Alive” by Katie Vaz

Keeping Alive houseplant coloring page

Cheer up as you color this feel-good reminder that everything will be okay. Featuring cacti, succulents, and an inspiring message, this coloring page is the perfect plant-inspired pick-me-up. (Download “Keeping Alive” here!)


2. “Overflowing Flowers” by Flora Chang

Overflowing Flowers houseplant coloring page

Enjoy the charming folk art style of this hand-drawn houseplant coloring page. Decorated with flowers, butterflies, vines, and vases, this design is sure to brighten your day. (Download “Overflowing Flowers” here!)


3. “Accepting Unconventionality” by Katie Vaz

Accepting Unconventionality houseplant coloring pageLet this cheerful houseplant coloring page boost your mood. Featuring hanging air plants and adorable lettering, this design is the perfect reminder to be proud of the things that make you unique. (Download “Accepting Unconventionality” here!)


4. “Flowery Faces” by Flora Chang

Flowery Faces houseplant coloring page

Enjoy the charming and flowery faces that bring this adorable coloring page to life. Decorated with birds, flowers, sails, and a striped vase, this design is sure to make you smile. (Download “Flowery Faces” here!)


5. “Where You Are” by Deborah Muller

Where You Are houseplant coloring page

Relax and meditate on this beautiful affirmation as you color. Adorned with flowers, butterflies and gardening tools, this houseplant coloring page is as energizing as it is beautiful. (Download “Where You Are” here!)


6. “Life Bursting Forth” by Flora Chang

Life Bursting Forth houseplant coloring page

Let this unique and inspiring houseplant coloring page spark your creativity. Featuring a detailed vase, flowers, vines, and leaves, this design will have you in touch with nature before you know it. (Download “Life Bursting Forth” here!)


7. “Trio of Potted Plants” by Country Gardens

Trio of Potted Plants houseplant coloring page

Find peace and tranquility as you color the twisty turn-y patterns of this potted plant coloring page. Complete with three lively potted plants, this design is a relaxing breath of fresh air. (Download “Trio of Potted Plants” here!)


8. “Air Plants Galore” by Steve Duffendack

Air Plants Galore houseplant coloring page

Get in touch with your inner plant lady while coloring this cool design. Featuring hanging plants, shells, and succulents, this coloring page is sure to lift your heart. (Download “Air Plants Galore” here!)


9. “Still Lives” by Flora Chang

Still Lives houseplant coloring pageLet these four unique and charming potted plants spark your imagination. Featuring a cactus, intricate pots, and blooming flowers, this design offers endless color combo options to enjoy. (Download “Still Lives” here!)


10. “Bamboo and Bulbs” by Steve Duffendack

Bamboo and Bulbs

Appreciate the beauty outside your own window while coloring this picturesque coloring page. Made up of bamboo, flowers, vases, and a snowy window, this design will leave you feeling peaceful. (Download “Bamboo and Bulbs” here!)


11. “Bejeweled Basin” by Flora Chang

Bejeweled Basin houseplant coloring page

Let this big and bold plant coloring page bring a splash of color to your day. Starring a massive vase filled with spritely flowers and vines, this design will bring positive vibes to your next coloring session. (Download “Bejeweled Basin” here!)


12. “Hard Stuff” by Katie Vaz

Hard Stuff houseplant coloring page

Relax your mind and cut yourself some slack with this encouraging reminder. Featuring shelves of succulents, cacti, and vines, this houseplant coloring page is perfect for some downtime that’ll soothe your soul. (Download “Hard Stuff” here!)


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