12 Breathtaking Mandala Coloring Pages to Soothe Your Soul

Discover the best mandala coloring pages to help you relax, refocus, and re-center your mind.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Mandalas are a symbol of wholeness, connectivity, and peace. To help you find focus and deeper relaxation, we’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite mandala coloring pages. Let these soothing and symmetrical shapes bring a sense of serenity to your next coloring session. And if you’re looking for more tranquil designs, check out the rest of our mandala coloring pages here!


12 Mandala Adult Coloring Pages to Download Today

1. “Beaming Beauty” by Teresa Roberts Logan

beaming beauty

Let this beautiful and intricate hand-drawn coloring page help you focus on the present. Featuring triangles, circles, flowers, and gems, this geometric design will inspire calm from within. (Download “Beaming Beauty” here!)


2. “Perimeters for Peace” by Flora Chang

perimeters for peace

Enjoy this sweet and whimsical mandala coloring page. Filled with circles of flowers and frills, this design is sure to make you smile. (Download “Perimeters for Peace” here!)


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3. “Solar Stillness” by Teresa Roberts Logan

solar stillnessInspire soothing serenity as you color this relaxing design. This mandala coloring page features flowers, dots, circles, and zig-zag patterns that will instill a sense of peace in your practice. (Download “Solar Stillness” here)


4. “Crystal Flower” by Posh Originals

crystal flower

Free your mind from worries and refocus on relaxation as you color this mandala coloring page. An intricate medallion takes center stage among blooming flowers, sparkling gems, and swirls. (Download “Crystal Flower” here!)


5. “Beaming Elegance” by Teresa Roberts Logan

beaming elegance

Let this delicate and detailed mandala coloring page whisk you away. Filled with flowers, hearts, leaves, and curls, this rococo-esque design will soothe your soul. (Download “Beaming Elegance” here!)


6. “Outspread Tranquility” by Teresa Roberts Logan

outspread tranquility

Enter a deep meditative state with this expansive and intricate mandala coloring page. Curls, diamonds, arches, and gems interlace to encourage you to relax from the inside out. (Download “Outspread Tranquility” here!)


7. “Magnificent Mandala” by Susan Black

magnificent mandala

Quiet your mind with this close-up marvelous mandala coloring page. Its beautiful arches, swirls, hearts, and dots fill the page from edge to edge. (Download “Magnificent Mandala” here!)


8. “Celestial Dreams” by Teresa Roberts Logan

celestial dreams

Enjoy the sublime symmetry of this mandala coloring page. Decorated with waves, eyes, dots, and flowers, this design is utterly divine. (Download “Celestial Dreams” here!)


9. “Budding Mandala” by Posh Originals

budding mandala

Open your heart with this lovely layered design. This mandala coloring page features petals, spirals, and points that well re-center your mind in no time. (Download “Budding Mandala” here!)


10. “Cats in the Round” by Flora Chang

cats in the round

Boost your mood with this cheerful circle of cats and flowers. Jewels, leaves, and flowers surround happy cat faces to lift your spirit and lighten your mood. (Download “Cats in the Round” here!)


11. “Sunflower Spring” by Deborah Muller

sunflower spring

Enter a positive mindset with this encouraging mantra. This beautiful mandala coloring page features an intricately designed sunflower among leaves and swirls. (Download “Sunflower Spring” here!)


12. “Zen Kitty” by Flora Chang

zen kitty

Brighten your day with this delightfully adorable mandala coloring page. This fun design stars a cat and bird surrounded flowers, leaves, and butterflies to help your worries float away. (Download “Zen Kitty” here!)


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