11 Motivational Coloring Pages to Start Your New Year Right

These inspirational adult coloring pages are perfect for ringing in the new year!

By Jasmine Lim

It’s time to ditch that long list of resolutions in favor of something simpler to live by: motivational mantras. With feel-good quotes like “Trust that you are able” and “Do all things with great kindness," you’ll be able to carry mindfulness and positivity into 2018 (and beyond!). To help you find your perfect phrase, we’ve rounded up eleven coloring pages featuring some of our favorite motivational words and beautiful designs. Once completed, don’t forget to hang ‘em up so they’re always top of mind!


1. “Hopeful Year” by Deborah Muller

Hopeful Year

Let “This will be my year” be your go-to mantra for 2018 as you color this flower-and-plant filled page with vibrant hues. (Click here to download our "Hopeful Year" coloring page!)

2. “Do All Things with Great Kindness” by Susan Black

Do All Things with Great Kindness

Kindness is key to happiness. This mantra coloring page will serve as a great reminder! (Click to download our "Do All Things with Great Kindness" coloring page!)

3. “Good Enough” by Katie Vaz

Good Enough

Celebrate each day knowing you are good enough with this whimsical and feel-good coloring page. (Click to download our "Good Enough" coloring page!)

4. “Windswept Journey” by Deborah Muller

Windswept Journey

Filled to the brim with intricate swirls and twirls, let this soothing coloring page encourage you to always focus on the journey. (Click to download our "Windswept Journey" coloring page!)

5. “You Are Able” by Katie Vaz

You Are Able

Soothe your soul with this design featuring little flowers and self-assuring words that everything will be okay. (Click to download our "You Are Able" coloring page!)

6. “Take Care of You” by Susan Black

Take Care of You

Get colorfully creative with your favorite markers as you fill in this blossoming flower bouquet. Once complete, hang these motivational words up as an important reminder of self-care and wellness. (Click to download our "Take Care of You" coloring page!)

7. “Move a Little More” by Katie Vaz

Move a Little More

Need a little motivational boost? Frame this coloring page near your front door for some encouragement and exercise inspiration! (Click to download our "Move a Little More" coloring page!)

8. “Kind, Fierce, Brave” by Deborah Muller

Kind, Fierce, Brave

We love this floral-and-vine bordered design featuring a calm mantra you can color and meditate on. (Click to download our "Kind, Fierce, Brave" coloring page!)

9. “Life Is Tough, But So Are You” by Shape

Life is Tough

Bring vivid neons to this coloring page to serve as a bold reminder that you can handle anything! (Click to download our "Life Is Tough, But So Are You" coloring page!)

10. “Good Vibes” By Deborah Muller

Good Vibes

Let 2018 be nothing but good vibes all around with this whimsical coloring page of intricate flowers, patterns, and peace signs. (Click to download our "Good Vibes" coloring page!)

11. “Positive Circles” by Deborah Muller

Positive Circles

Focus on positive energy this new year with this soothing design featuring swirls, patterned stars, and a beautiful locus flower. (Click to download our "Positive Circles" coloring page!)


Kick off 2018 with these eleven motivational and mantra-filled coloring pages and nothing can stand in the way of you living your best year yet!


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