10 Stunning New Adult Coloring Pages Sure to Make You Smile

From playful and peppy to sweet and soothing, we’ve got 10 new adult coloring pages to suit your mood.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Whether you’re looking to escape the brutal winter winds or boost your mood with some cute lil’ creatures, we’ve got you covered with 50 new pages this February. So check out our top 10 favorites this month, and when you’re done with these, drop by our “New This Month” page to see what else we have in store!


1. “Glasses Grid” by Flora Chang

Glasses Grid

Enjoy the view with this quirky and sweet folk art pattern. Filled with detailed glasses in a number of shapes, sizes, and patterns, the color combinations are nearly endless! (Download “Glasses Grid” here!)


2. “Accept Myself” by Deborah Muller

Accept Myself

Relax and meditate on this beautiful affirmation. This intricate hand-drawn adult coloring page features flowers, roses, leaves, curls, and vines that’ll calm you as you color. (Download “Accept Myself” here!)


3. “Flower Lovers” by Susan Black

Flower LoversEnjoy the fanciful and vibrant flowers, butterflies, and cats that fill this adorable adult coloring page. This design will boost your mood and encourage you to celebrate every day. (Download “Flower Lovers” here!)


4. “Winter Blooms” by Steve Duffendack

Winter Blooms

Reduce stress and challenge your mind as you fill in this dot-to-dot adult coloring page. Watch the flowers, leaves, and shapes spring to life and color the scene! (Download “Winter Blooms” here!)


5. “Oodles of Flowers” by Flora Chang

Oodles of Flowers

Put yourself in a positive mindset as you fill in this charming adult coloring page. Filled with folksy flowers, butterflies, vines, leaves, and stems, this design is sure to make you smile. (Download “Oodles of Flowers” here!)


6. “Charming Contours” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Charming Contours

Embrace a sense of wholeness and connectivity with the help of this meditative mandala coloring page. Hand-drawn leaves, flowers, and stems layer beautifully to create the perfect deep focus design.  (Download “Charming Contours” here!)


7. “Triangle Cranes” by Posh Originals

Triangle CranesSpark your creativity with this simple and elegant design. Inspired by the traditions and seasonal festivals of Japan, this adult coloring page brings the focus and relaxation of origami to the art of coloring. (Download “Triangle Cranes” here!)


8. “Fireplace Fortitude” by Steve Duffendack

Fireplace Fortitude

Curl up by the cozy fire with this heartwarming adult coloring page. Featuring a brick fireplace and a blanket, this design is perfect for an evening of unwinding. (Download “Fireplace Fortitude” here!)


9. “Soup Group-Part 1” by Megan Halsey

Soup Group

Color your way to cozy with an adult coloring page that inspires a sense of gratitude and calm. This design is filled with soup bowls, leaves, spoons, and steam that are sure to make your heart feel full. (Download “Soup Group-Part 1” here!)


10. “Bamboo Bird Blizzard” by Peanuts

Bamboo Bird Blizzard

Re-live your childhood and color along with the Peanuts gang! This adult coloring page features our dear friends Peanuts and Woodstock as well as a jungle of bamboo shoots and leaves that’ll transport you to a whole ‘nother world. (Download “Bamboo Bird Blizzard” here!)


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