10 Perfect Coloring Pages to Cure Your End-of-Summer Blues

Check out these 10 new adult coloring pages to kick off fall in a good mood.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Celebrate the shifting seasons with your favorite pastime—coloring! Between school-inspired designs, cactus-clad kittens, and warm beachy themes, you’ll be ready to say so-long to summertime and embrace the fall in no time. Check out our 10 favorites below and head over to our “New This Month!” page for the rest.


10 New Fall-Friendly Adult Coloring Pages

1. “School is in Session” by Peanuts

Snooze Oops adult coloring page

Beat the back to school blues with our “School is in Session” coloring page by Peanuts. Featuring notebooks, scissors, letters, math, and a globe, you’ll be in a back to school mood in no time. (Click to download our “School is in Session” coloring page!)


2. “Hen Friend” by Flora Chang

Hen Friend adult coloring page

Enjoy charming fall farmhouse vibes with this fun coloring page by Flora Chang. Pattern-lovers will enjoy Flora Chang’s folk art style featuring feathers, flowers, and soothing curves and angles. (Click to download our “Hen Friend” coloring page!)


3. “Delightful Damask Dreams” by Susan Black

Delightful Damask Dreams adult coloring page

Get lost in the soothing and dreamy flower patterns in this “Delightful Damask Dreams” coloring page by Susan Black. Featuring checkers, hearts, hashes, and swirls, you can color summer away with a smile. (Click to download our “Delightful Damask Dreams” coloring page!)


4. “Cactus Cat” by Flora Chang

Cactus Cat adult coloring page

Have folksy fun coloring this cactus-covered cat with a western feel. This coloring page evokes all the fall feels featuring boots, a hat, an adorable bird, a cat, and cacti. (Click to download our “Cactus Cat” coloring page!)


5. “Chrysanthemum Swirls” by Posh Originals

Chrysanthemum Swirls adult coloring page

This intricate design inspired by the traditions and seasonal festivals of Japan will keep you in a meditative and colorful coloring trance. Enjoy the elegant swirls, flowers, camellias, and carnations of this floral-forward adult coloring page. (Click to download our “Chrysanthemum Swirls” coloring page!)


6. “Hometown Memories” by Thomas Kinkade

Hometown Memories adult coloring page

Enjoy the detailed artwork of Thomas Kinkade with this “Hometown Memories” coloring page. This quaint coloring page features trees, cozy homes, flowers, and two adorable umbrella-holding pedestrians. (Click to download our “Hometown Memories” coloring page!)


7. “Plant Lady Paradise” by Steve Duffendack

Plant Lady Adult Coloring Page

Colorists with a green thumb will love our “Plant Lady Paradise” coloring page. Featuring cacti, succulents, air plants, and cute patterns, you can celebrate your inner plant lady in your next coloring sesh. (Click to download our “Plant Lady Paradise” coloring page!)


8. “Craft Projects” by Katie Vaz

Craft Projects adult coloring page

More time indoors doesn’t have to be boring! Get inspired to create something crafty with this adult coloring page by Katie Vaz. This cheerful design features glitter, paintbrushes, glue, and confetti. (Click to download our “Craft Projects” coloring page!)


9. “Beach Love” by Deborah Muller

Beach Love adult coloring page

Relive your summertime adventures one last time with our “Beach Love” coloring page. This warm and relaxing coloring page features a sun, swirls, flowers, shells, and other beach themes. (Click to download our “Beach Love” coloring page!)


10. “Bamboo Brush” by Posh Originals

Bamboo Brush adult coloring page

Escape the cooling weather and take a tropical trip with our “Bamboo Brush” coloring page. This simple yet elegant design features eucalyptus bark, bamboo trees, and leaves with a Japanese-inspired flair. (Click to download our “Bamboo Brush” coloring page!)


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