10 New Coloring Pages to Help You Relieve Stress

Our coloring page library now has 50 more designs for you to browse, print, and color away! Here are 10 of our favorites.

The family keeps growing. Our coloring page library now has 50 more designs for you to browse, print, and color away! This month, we have a mix of new designs, from travel-inspired pieces, to inspirational mantras, to abstract designs. Here are 10 of our favorite new pages:


1. "Sleep and Good Things" by Katie Vaz

Sleep and Good Things Coloring Page by Katie VazWho doesn’t need a friendly reminder that sometimes, sleep needs to come first? (Click to download our “Sleep and Good Things” coloring page!)


2. "Soaring High" by Deborah Muller

Soaring High Coloring Page by Deborah MullerIt’s kite flying, bird watching, soul soaring season! Summer makes us feel so free, and this design depicts that feeling perfectly. Our favorite part? The super cute patterned clouds. (Click to download this uplifting coloring page!)


3. "Scenes of The Capital City" by Better Homes & Gardens

Scenes of the Capital City Coloring Page Play tourist from the comfort of your own couch! We love this departure from “traditional” adult coloring pages, featuring some of our favorite landmarks from the country’s capital city. (Download our “Scenes of the Capital City” design here!)


4. "Kaleidoscope of Kittens" by Susan Black

Kaleidoscope of Kittens Coloring Page by Susan BlackWe love this whimsical page filled with super cute cat faces and folksy flowers. (Click to download our “Kaleidoscope of Kittens” coloring page!)


5. "Russian Blue in Galactic Glasses" by Better Homes & Gardens

Russian Blue in Galactic Glasses Coloring PageAnyone with a curious kitty at home will love this cat-centric design.We love the swirls, stars, and flowers covering the cat’s body (and filling the frames of those glasses!) (Download our “Russian Blue in Galactic Glasses” coloring page here!)


6. "Yorkshire Terrier in Polka Dot Bow" by Better Homes & Gardens

Yorkshire Terrier in a Polka Dot Bow Coloring PageYorkie lovers, unite! How cute is this snuggly buddy in cat eye glasses and a precious polka dot bow? (Click to download this coloring page!)


7. “Already Perfect” by Deborah Muller

Already Perfect Coloring Page by Deborah MullerWhat a perfect mantra to contemplatively color and hang somewhere prominent so it’s always top of mind. (Download our “Already Perfect” coloring page here!)


8. “Deep Sea” by Posh Originals

Deep Sea Coloring PageIf deep sea diving isn’t your thing, coloring this page can give you the same (err… kind of the same?) experience without having to don all that gear and hit the water. Check out all those creatures! (Click to download our “Deep Sea” coloring page!)


9. “Hidden Garden Friends” by Flora Chang

Hidden Garden Friends Coloring Page by Flora ChangCan you spot all of our buddies in this folk art-inspired design? We also love the mix of flowers, rainbows, and leafy greens.  (Download this coloring page here!)


10. “Heartfelt Paisley” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Heartfelt Paisley Coloring Page This coloring page is here to remind you that it’s OK to creep outside the box! The page is filled edge-to-edge with intricate paisley swirls and other abstract designs. This one’s sure to keep you busy for a few hours! (Click to download our “Heartfelt Paisley” coloring page!)


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