10 New Coloring Pages to Color & Enjoy Right Now

From eccentric patterns to calming mantras, we’ve added 50 new coloring pages for January—here are some of our favorites!

By Jasmine Lim

Listen up, folks! We’re ringing in 2018 with 50 brand new adult coloring page designs. Are you ready to get colorfully creative? This month, we’ve got coloring pages ranging from encouraging affirmations to charming circus scenes to everyone’s favorite pup, Snoopy. Check out ten of our favorite pages here, and visit our “New This Month!” page for the rest.


1. “Reckless Abandon” by Katie Vaz

Reckless Abandon Coloring Page
Get inspired to seize each day with these feel-good motivational words! (Click to download our "Reckless Abandon" coloring page!)

2. “This is the Beginning of Anything You Want” by Susan Black

This is the Beginning of Anything Coloring Page
Here’s a beautiful visual affirmation filled with leafy patterns, butterflies, and a bold reminder to seize every day. (Click to download our "This is the Beginning of Anything You Want" coloring page!)

3. “New Mexican Matrix” by Flora Chang

New Mexican Matrix Coloring Page
Let warm hues of red, yellow, and orange take over this New Mexican-inspired coloring page. We’d opt for vibrant markers to make the pattern stand out. (Click to download our "New Mexican Matrix" coloring page!)

4. “Sumptuous Fruit, Part 1” by Posh Originals

Sumptuous Fruit Part 1 Coloring Page

Use one of our food-inspired color palettes on this fruit-filled design for a fresh and lively look. (Click to download our "Sumptuous Fruit, Part 1" coloring page!)

5. “Soft-Pedaled Medley” by Posh Originals

Soft-Pedaled Medley Coloring Page
Unwind from a long day as you sit and color this design that’s brimming with magnificent flowers and foliage. (Click to download our "Soft-Pedaled Medley" coloring page!)

6. “Sheaves of Grain” by Posh Originals

Sheaves of Grain
Embrace the power of neutrals as you fill this coloring page with earth-toned hues. Use colored pencils to blend the different shades effortlessly together. (Click to download our "Sheaves of Grain" coloring page!)

7. “Elephant Empress” by Flora Chang

Elephant Empress Coloring Page
Bring this circus-inspired scene to life with bold colors and texture (think glitter gel pens!). Make it even more unique by creating your own fun doodles in the open spaces. (Click to download our "Elephant Empress" coloring page!)

8. “Winged Wonderwoman” by Flora Chang

Winged Wonderwoman Coloring Page
We love the intricate tattoo details on this winged wonderwoman. She just screams “fierce and powerful!” (Click to download our "Winged Wonderwoman" coloring page!)

9. “Snoopy Saves the Day” by Peanuts

Snoopy Saves the Day Coloring Page
Grab your favorite colored pencils and enter the cosmos with Snoopy as he saves the day.  (Click to download our "Snoopy Saves the Day" coloring page!)

10. “Things to Try Today” by Katie Vaz

Things to Try Today Coloring Page
Focus on positivity as you color this soothing mantra. Hang it up once complete as an important daily reminder. (Click to download our "Things to Try Today" coloring page!)


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