10 New Bright and Blissful Coloring Pages for October

From perfect patterns to soothing scenery, we’ve added 50 new coloring pages for October. Check out our top 10 favorites!

By Thea Voutiritsas

Whether you’re in the mood for festive fall coloring pages or pretty paisley patterns, we’ve got a new design for you! Check out ten of our favorite new printable coloring pages below and head over to our “New This Month!” page for the rest.

1. “Pumpkin Patch Kids” by Peanuts

Pumpkin Patch Kids adult coloring page

Celebrate fall with a touch of nostalgia with our “Pumpkin Patch Kids” adult coloring page. Featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and a whole lotta pumpkins, this coloring page will put you in the Halloween spirit in no time. (Click to download our “Pumpkin Patch Kids” Coloring page!)


2. “Villa Variety–Part 2” by Megan Halsey

Villa Variety adult coloring page

Color your way to cozy with this adorable adult coloring page featuring an array of quaint homes to color. Each drawn with unique chimneys and windows, you’ll feel like part of the neighborhood. (Click to download our “Villa Variety–Part 2” Coloring page!)


3. “Light Flowerbursts” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Light Flowerbursts adult coloring page

Enjoy the intricate paisley and floral bursts in this lively design. Let this bright and positive coloring page clear your mind and make you smile. (Click to download our “Light Flowerbursts” Coloring page!)


4. “Profound Comfort” by Katie Vaz

Profound Comfort adult coloring page

Treat yourself by getting comfy as you color our “Profound Comfort” coloring page. Featuring string lights, a cozy house, and cute cushions, this design will turn your next coloring session into a homey hideout.  (Click to download our “Profound Comfort” Coloring page!)


5. “Bloom Bold & Bright” by Susan Black

Bloom Bold & Bright adult coloring page

Let this happy floral coloring page lift your spirits and bring you confidence. “Bloom Bold & Bright” sports butterflies, bees, flowers, and charming stripes and swirls for a delightful coloring session. (Click to download our “Bloom Bold & Bright” Coloring page!)


6. “One Cup at a Time” by Deborah Muller

One Cup at a Time adult coloring page

Take a deep breath and slow your thoughts as you color this soothing coloring page. Let “One Cup at A Time” remind you to relax and enjoy life as you color your worries away. (Click to download our “One Cup at a Time” Coloring page!)


7. “Petals of Paisley” by Flora Chang

Petals of Paisley adult coloring page

Enjoy these intricate paisley patterns drawn in Flora Chang’s folksy and whimsical style. With frills, flowers, and leaves, this design will bring you closer to nature as you sink into its swirls. (Click to download our “Petals of Paisley” Coloring page!)


8. “Lilac Cottage” by Thomas Kinkade

Lilac Cottage adult coloring page

Get lost in the lovely scenery of our “Lilac Cottage” coloring page. This detailed cottage featuring flowers, trees, bushes, and an endearing mailbox will bring you peace and serenity as you color. (Click to download our “Lilac Cottage” Coloring page!)


9. “Abstract Angles” by Posh Originals

Abstract Angles adult coloring page

Channel your inner Picasso as you fill in our “Abstract Angles” coloring page. With twisting shapes and sharp angles, this design is sure to spark your creativity as your coloring session flows. (Click to download our “Abstract Angles” Coloring page!)


10. “Delicate Disks” by Posh Originals

Delicate Disks adult coloring page

If you like mandala coloring pages, you’ll love our “Delicate Disks” design. Featuring rows of symmetrical circles with hand-drawn charm, this adult coloring page offers endless possibilities for your creative mind to explore. (Click to download our “Delicate Disks” Coloring page!)


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