10 Fresh and Festive Easter-Friendly Coloring Pages

Celebrate Easter (and the start of spring!) by coloring and crafting with these festive adult coloring pages.

By Jasmine Lim

The days are (finally!) getting warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom, and Easter is almost upon us. To help you celebrate this “hoppy” holiday and change of seasons, we’re rounding up a range of coloring pages for you to get creative with this season (even if you don’t celebrate Easter!).

10 Festive Easter Coloring Pages:

From spring-inspired flowers to adorable garden bunnies to beautifully patterned eggs, here are ten festive coloring pages for you to download, print, and color away.

1. “Ethereal Eggs” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Ethereal Eggs Coloring Page

It wouldn’t be Easter without beautiful decorative eggs! Fill this coloring page and use it to complete one of these Easter crafts. (Click to download our "Ethereal Eggs" coloring page!)

2. “Bunny Bushel” by Marjolein Bastin

Bunny Bushel Coloring Page

We’re suckers for adorable animals, like this bunny in an Easter basket. Our favorite part? The little bow tie! (Click to download our "Bunny Bushel" coloring page!)

3. “Garden Critters” by Steve Duffendack

Garden Critters Coloring Page
Challenge yourself with this fun garden-themed dot-to-dot coloring page featuring little garden critters and a whole lot of plants. Fill the designs in with your favorite green shades once completed. (Click to download our "Garden Critters" coloring page!)

4. “All Things Bright and Beautiful” by Susan Black

All things Bright & Beautiful Coloring Page
This spring-y coloring page is brimming with little flowers, hearts, and leafy designs. Let our botanical color palettes inspire you to fill them with hues of vibrant blues, pinks, and purples. (Click to download our "All Things Bright and Beautiful" coloring page!)

5. “Bunnies in the Garden” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Bunnies In The Garden Coloring Page

We spy with our little eyes little bunny babies hiding in between these big blooming flowers! (Click to download our “Bunnies in the Garden” coloring page!)

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6. “Pile of Peeps” by Marjolein Bastin

Pile of Peeps

Take your next coloring session outside and enjoy the tranquility of nature with this coloring page featuring a mama goose and her baby goslings. (Click to download our "Pile of Peeps" coloring page!)

7. “Nesting Birds” by Steve Duffendack

Nesting Birds Coloring Page
Connect the dots on this playful nature-inspired activity coloring page. Don’t forget to color it in with your favorite colored pencils or markers after completing the pattern!  (Click to download our "Nesting Birds" coloring page!)

8. “Dahlias, Mums, & Daisies Too” by Susan Black

Dahlias, Mums, & Daisies Too Coloring Page
Bring these dahlias, mums, and daisies to life with bold colors and fun textures, like stippling with markers or blending colored pencils! (Click to download our "Dahlias, Mums, & Daisies Too" coloring page!)

9. “Rise Again” by Deborah Muller

Rise Again Coloring Page
Meditate on this soothing mantra as you color the leaf-and-flower-covered vines and intricate details. (Click to download our "Rise Again" coloring page!)

10. “Watering Can Flowers” by Steve Duffendack

Watering Can Flowers
Try embellishing this dot-to-dot coloring page with your favorite gel pens by drawing your own unique patterns in the blank petal spaces. (Click to download our "Watering Can Flowers" coloring page!)


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