10 Fresh and Cheerful New Coloring Pages

We added a ton of new summery designs to our library this month—here are ten of our favorites!

By Jasmine Lim

Summer is almost in full swing and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate warm, sunny days than with 50 brand new coloring pages. We’ve got a range of designs from feel-good mantras to charming cats. Whether you’re going on a sweet vacation to the beach or having a relaxing staycation at home, bring these designs to life wherever you are. Check out our ten favorites below and head over to our “New This Month!” page for the rest.

1. “A Fountain” by Deborah Muller

A Fountain Adult Coloring Page
Let “Be a fountain, not a drain” be your summer mantra as you color the intricate mandala-like pattern with vibrant hues. (Click to download our “A Fountain” coloring page!)

2. “Passion in the Poppies” by Susan Black

Passion in the Poppies Adult Coloring Page
We think vibrant colors and stippling would add fun textures in the white spaces of this adorable cat and flower coloring page. (Click to download our “Passion in the Poppies” coloring page!)


3. “Backyard Barbeque” by Steve Duffendack

Backyard Barbecue Adult Coloring Page
Challenge yourself with this dot-to-dot activity page inspired by one of our favorite Summer activities: grilling! We’re suddenly hungry for burgers… (Click to download our “Backyard Barbeque” coloring page!)


4. “Celebrate the Little Things” by Katie Vaz

Celebrate the Little Things Adult Coloring Page
Celebrate the little things—like rainbow sprinkles (and coloring!). Once complete, hang this encouraging mantra somewhere prominent as an important reminder. (Click to download our “Celebrate the Little Things” coloring page!)


5. “Protruding Petals” by Flora Chang

Protruding Petals Adult Coloring Page
Check out this neat flower-inspired pattern that’ll have you busy for days. Use one of our summer-inspired color palettes to give it the perfect seasonal look. (Click to download our “Protruding Petals” coloring page!)


6. “I Can” by Deborah Muller

I Can Adult Coloring Page
We love the swirly flower vines that border this inspiring mantra. Use bright markers to transform this design into a bold and vibrant reminder. (Click to download our “I Can” coloring page!)


7. “Victorian Light” by Thomas Kinkade

Victorian Light Adult Coloring Page
If you like to color more realistic designs and landscapes, try this serene scene for your next coloring session. (Click to download our “Victorian Light” coloring page!)

8. “Chickadee Cache” by Flora Chang

Chickdee Cache Adult Coloring Page
Break out your favorite colored pencils to fill this folksy coloring page featuring whimsical adornments and a charming bird. (Click to download our “Chickadee Cache” coloring page!)


9. “Flower Power” by Peanuts

Flower Power Adult Coloring Page
If you look closely, you’ll not only see little strawberry plants and flourishing flowers but a familiar Peanuts character camouflaged in between the designs! (Click to download our “Flower Power” coloring page!)

10. “Bloom Boom” Flora Chang

Bloom Boom Adult Coloring Page
What could be better than coloring flowers and adorable kittens on a warm day? Use one of our botanical color palettes to serve as inspiration for bright and lovely floral hues. (Click to download our “Bloom Boom” coloring page!)


We want to see your completed work of art! Share your finished coloring pages with us on Facebook or Instagram using #MyPoshColoring.



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