10 Cute and Cheerful New Coloring Pages to Make You Smile

Whether it’s cats, cacti, or cozy teacups, we’ve got something every colorist will love.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Spring is just around the corner, so we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite new coloring pages to boost your mood, warm your heart, and remind you to enjoy the little things in life. Just pick out your favorite adult coloring page and let your creativity blossom! And don’t forget to stop by our New this Month page to see what else we have in store.


10 Cute and Cheerful New Adult Coloring Pages


1. “Folk Heart Daisies” by Susan Black

Folk Heart Daisies by Susan BlackWelcome spring with open arms with this fanciful and vibrant adult coloring page. Flowers, leaves, butterflies, and hearts invite you to celebrate every day to the fullest. (Download “Folk Heart Daisies” here!)


2. “Dragonfly and Flowers” by Posh Originals

Dragonfly and Flowers Adult Coloring PageInsect lovers will enjoy this bold dragonfly adult coloring page. With large leaves, flowers, and swirls, this design would be great for Copic markers as well. (Download “Dragonfly and Flowers” here!)


3. “Positively Obsessed” by Deborah Muller

Positively Obsessed by Deborah MullerRelax and meditate on a beautiful affirmation as you fill in this intricate design. Covered with hand-drawn paisley patterns, flowers, dots, and leaves, this adult coloring page is sure to make you smile. (Download “Positively Obsessed” here!)


4. “True Love” by Flora Chang

True Love Adult Coloring Page by Flora ChangIf cats are your one true love, this design is your new best friend. This cat adult coloring page features a big, happy heart made of unique kitties and cute patterns. (Download “True Love” here!)


5. “The Edge of the Wilderness” by Thomas Kinkade

The Edge of Wilderness Adult Coloring Page Thomas KinkadeBreathe deeply as you color in the soothing atmosphere of this expansive and beautiful scenery. Mountains, tents, and a lovely lake inspire a rustic sense of calm in this adult coloring page. (Download “The Edge of the Wilderness” here!)


6. “Twinkling Trio” by Megan Halsey

Hygge Adult Coloring PageCozy up and wind down with this heartwarming adult coloring page. Featuring a trio of sparkling candles, leaves, and ribbons, this design inspires a sense of gratitude and tranquility. (Download “Twinkling Trio” here!)


7. “Cool Cacti” by Steve Duffendack

Cacti Adult Coloring PageBoost your mood with this fun and funky houseplant coloring page. Plant ladies will love the air plants, cacti, and succulents that bring this design to life. (Download “Cool Cacti” here!)


8. “Sunglass Strut” by Peanuts

Peanuts Adult Coloring PageFeel cool and confident as you color this cheery and stylish adult coloring page. Join the Peanuts gang in this pattern of sunglasses, Snoopy, and good ole Charlie Brown. (Download “Sunglass Strut” here!)


9. “Birdie Bedroom” by Marjolein Bastin

Marjolein Bastin Adult Coloring PageSlip into a soothing trance inspired by nature as you fill in this bird coloring page. Birds, beaks, feathers, and seeds fill the page to calm your soul. (Download “Birdie Bedroom” here!)


10. “All Steamed Up” by Megan Halsey

Hygge Adult Coloring Page Enjoy the art of living simply and keeping warm with this sweet hygge coloring page. Featuring teapots, teacups, hearts, and swirls of steam, this design will make you feel all warm and cozy inside. (Download “All Steamed Up” here!)


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