10 Coloring Pages for Easy (Last Minute) Mother’s Day Cards

Use one of these pretty designs to create a one-of-a-kind card for Mom this holiday.

By Kate Morin

Make Mother’s Day even more special by creating something from scratch for the special woman (or women) in your life. These beautiful designs can easily be turned into the perfect card: Just print, color, fold, and trim/ Whether you’re celebrating the woman who raised you, another mother figure, a spouse, a sister, an aunt, your best friend—whomever—any lady would be lucky to receive a homemade card made with one of these charming adult coloring pages.

Pro tip: We recommend trimming your card to 5x7 inches, which fits perfectly in a size A7 envelope. This size should work well for all of the designs featured below—you’ll only lose less than ¼-inch of the design on each side!

Our Favorite Adult Coloring Pages for DIY Mother’s Day Cards

Cherry Blossom Woodstock

1. “Cherry Blossom Woodstock” by Peanuts
This page is perfect for any mama who’s a fan of Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. We love how subtly Woodstock is hidden among the precious cherry blossoms. (Download our “Cherry Blossom Woodstock” coloring page here!)


Kaleidoscope of Joy Coloring Page2. “A Kaleidoscope of Joy” by Susan Black
The symmetrical design of this pattern-filled page makes for the perfect card — just fold straight down the middle! (Download our “A Kaleidoscope of Joy” coloring page here!)


Plenty of Petals Coloring Page3. “Plenty of Petals” by Alisa Burke
The bold black lines used in this flower-filled coloring page make for a striking final product (especially when colored in with markers). (Download our “Plenty of Petals” coloring page here!)


Tulips and Daisies Coloring Page4. “Tulips & Daisies Scatter Pattern” by Susan Black
Tons of hearts and cute blooms fill this detailed design. We think the whole rainbow would look great on this page. (Download our “Tulips & Daisies Scatter Pattern” coloring page here!)


Bountiful Blossoms Coloring Page5. “Bountiful Blossoms” by Flora Chang
These gorgeous graphic flowers remind us of bold gerbera daisies and delicate English roses. A card made with this floral coloring page would make the perfect accompaniment to a nice bouquet of blooms. (Download our “Bountiful Blossoms” coloring page here!)


Dahlia Delightful Coloring Page6. “Dahlia Delightful” by Susan Black
There are few things we love more than a bunch of gorgeous dahlias. Match the colors to Mom’s personality, whether it’s subdued pinks and soft peaches or bold reds and deep purples. (Download our “Dahlia Delightful” coloring page here!)


Bed of Flowers Coloring Page7. “Bed of Flowers” by Posh Originals
This page filled with teeny tiny blooms would make a great miniature card or gift tag to accompany any mom’s day gift. (Download our “Bed of Flowers” coloring page here!)


Forget Me Not Pattern Coloring Page8. “Forget-Me-Not Pattern” by Susan Black
Tell mom that you’ll never forget how awesome she is with this coloring page covered in adorable Forget-me-not flowers. (Download our “Forget-Me-Not Pattern” coloring page here!)


Rose Bouquets Coloring Page9. “Rose Bouquets” by Katie Vaz
This page is jam-packed with petals, and we love it. Fill the page with your favorite floral hues (and don’t forget to add some green accents, too!). (Download our “Rose Bouquets” coloring page here!)


Paisley Heart Card Coloring Page10. “Paisley Hearts Coloring Page Card” by Teresa Roberts Logan
What better way to show your mama some love than with a super cute heart shaped card? Print, color fold along the dotted line, and trim around the heart-shaped outline. (Download our “Paisley Hearts Coloring Page Card” here!)



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