17 Bird Coloring Pages to Make Your Imagination Soar

Let gorgeous colors and creativity take wing with these 17 heart-lifting bird coloring pages.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Spark your creativity and show some appreciation for our feathered friends by celebrating National Bird Day. Every year on January 5, bird enthusiasts come together to raise awareness about bird conservation efforts. From sweet and dainty designs to colorful cartoons, we’ve rounded up our favorite bird coloring pages so you can celebrate National Bird Day, too.


17 Bird Coloring Pages for National Bird Day

1. “Toucan Party” by Posh Originals

Toucan Party

Embrace the bright and colorful nature of these tropical birds. Featuring three happy toucans in a leaf-filled forest, this bird coloring page is sure to make you smile. (Download “Toucan Party” here!)


2. “Dove Scarves” by Megan Halsey

Dove Scarves

These sweet and peaceful doves are keeping warm this winter! This design features two scarf-clad doves and their nests perched on winding branches. This cozy design is sure to inspire a sense of gratitude and calm. (Download “Dove Scarves” here!)


3. “Flocks and Flowers” by Posh Originals

Flocks and Flowers

Free your mind and refocus on relaxation as you color this soothing design. A flock of songbirds surrounded by blooming blossoms will help you channel your creativity in your next coloring session.  (Download “Flocks and Flowers” here!)


4. “Hen Friend” by Flora Chang

Hen Friend

Enjoy this charming and hand-drawn design featuring a fancy feathered hen. This folksy bird coloring page is decorated with feathers, dots, flowers, and swirls that will spring to life with a little color. (Download “Hen Friend” here!)


5. “Turtledove Trove” by Posh Originals

Turtledove Trove

If the holiday season is still in your heart, enjoy this fun and relaxing yuletide design. This bird coloring page is decorated with turtledoves, mistletoe, and holly to make your spirit bright.  (Download “Turtledove Trove” here!)


6. “Lifting Others” by Deborah Muller

Lifting Others

Let this intricate and uplifting design make your creative heart soar. Featuring a bird, a hopeful banner, and hypnotic paisley swirls, this adult coloring page is as soothing as it is majestic. (Download “Lifting Others” here!)


7. “Soothing Swans” by Posh Originals

Soothing Swans

This graceful and soothing bird coloring page features a complex pattern of dots, leaves, and feathers, to form two beautiful swans. Meditate and relax as you enjoy the interlacing shapes of this breathtaking design. (Download “Soothing Swans” here!)


8. “Chicadee Cache” by Flora Chang

Chicadee CacheThis adorable design is nearly impossible to resist. Starring a bird surrounded by jewels, gems, flowers, and pearls, this glamorous little gal is ready to take center stage. (Download “Chicadee Cache” here!)


9. “Emergent Layer: Hummingbird Hideout” by Posh Originals

Hummingbird Hideout

Bring a lush forest scene to life with this challenging and detailed design. You’ll meet birds, monkeys, vines, and nests along the way as you color in this nature-filled scene. (Download “Emergent Layer: Hummingbird Hideout” here!)


10. “Stacking Owls” by Flora Chang

Stacking Owls

This cute and quirky coloring page is a total hoot. With a handful of unique and adorable owls perched on top of one another, this bird coloring page is perfect for those who love their nocturnal friends. (Download “Stacking Owls” here!)


11. “Three Little Chicks” by Posh Originals

Three Little Chicks

Let this scene of a farm-friendly family of four warm your heart. This adorable adult coloring page features a momma bird and her three babies against a swirling backdrop that’s sure to relax your mind as you color. (Download “Three Little Chicks” here!)


12. “Garden Gala” by Flora Chang

Garden Gala

Get lost in the intricate pattern of this bountiful bird coloring page. Inspired by traditional art and textiles from around the world, this sweet and whimsical design is perfect for letting your imagination run wild.  (Download “Garden Gala” here!)


13. “Moonbeam Owls” by Posh Originals

Moonbeam OwlsThis majestic bird coloring page is perfect for a late-night relaxation session. Featuring owls, moons, stars, and swirls, “Moonbeam Owls” will help you free your mind and refocus on the good things in life. (Download “Moonbeam Owls” here!)


14. “Cranes in the Branches” by Posh Originals

Cranes in the Branches

Spark your inner creativity with this elegant bird coloring page. Featuring a pattern of cranes and flowers inspired by the traditions and seasonal festivals of Japan, this design will quiet your mind in no time. (Download “Cranes in the Branches” here!)


15. “Good Luck Cluck” by Flora Chang

Good Luck Cluck

This whimsical and detailed design is the perfect pattern for those who need a quick pick me up. Featuring chickens, flowers, feathers, and stripes, this bird coloring page will brighten up your day. (Download “Good Luck Cluck” here!)


16. “Bird Amidst the Blossoms” by Posh Originals

Bird Amidst the Blossoms

Inspired by Japanese traditions and festivals, this simple and delicate bird coloring page features a single songbird perched among leaves and flowers. (Download “Bird Amidst the Blossoms” here!)


17. “Searching for Nectar, Part 1” by Posh Originals

Searching for NectarIf hummingbirds have a special place in your heart, you’re sure to love this complex and creative coloring page. Featuring a hummingbird, flowers, and leaves build of overlapping intricate shapes, this challenging design is perfect for an enchanting coloring session. (Download “Searching for Nectar, Part 1” here!)


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