You'll Never Believe How Beautiful These Starbucks Cups Are

Check out how one artist is transforming plain coffees cups into stunning works of art.

By Jasmine Lim

We’re all about anything that encourages creativity—especially if it involves doodling, coloring, and drinking coffee. That’s exactly why we loved Starbucks’s recent creativity-inspiring seasonal cupsBut for one artist, transforming coffee cups into beautiful works of art isn’t just reserved for seasonal Starbucks cups—it’s a year-round endeavor and you won’t believe your eyes when you see these designs.

Rainbow Starbucks Doodle Cup
Credit: Carrah Aldridge via Instagram 

The plain Starbucks cup has become a perfect (almost) blank canvas for 22-year-old artist Carrah Aldridge. You’d hardly even be able to recognize the iconic jade mermaid logo in the middle—these cups are filled to the brim with vibrant colors, mesmerizing patterns, and the most intricate details.

Blue Starbucks Doodle Cup
Credit: Carrah Aldridge via Instagram 

Carrah (who is a self-taught artist!) has become quite the Instagram inspiration and it’s not hard to see why. Over on her page, you’ll find tons of creative artwork ranging from hand-drawn portraits to this galaxy-inspired scene and of course, her noteworthy Starbucks cups. Since her blue Starbucks cup (above) went viral back in 2015, she’s transformed a multitude of cups, including fall-themed versions and her own take on the latest "Give Good” holiday cups!

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All it takes are some sharpies, white gel pens, and Copic markers for Carrah to transform plain Starbucks cups into her own masterpieces of art. Each cup is unique, created from detailed designs, vibrant colors, and a lot of patience. So just how long does it take Carrah to color these ups? About 4-16 hours, depending on the size of the cup and the complexity of the design. Now that’s some serious doodle commitment!

All of The Starbucks Doodle Cups
Credit: Carrah Aldridge via Instagram 

Feeling colorfully inspired? Take a trip to your nearest Starbucks, grab your favorite drink, and unleash your creativity with your own doodles and colors. For more cup art inspiration, keep up with Carrah on Instagram to see what beautiful artwork she comes up with next!


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