These Cute DIY Votive Candles Will Make You Want to Color Your Heart Out

Turn any mason jar into a colorful, crafty votive candle!  

By Kate Morin

Coloring Page Heart Cutout Votive
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

Candles make any space more cozy and relaxing, and these easy-to-make votive candle holders are no exception. The best part? They’re totally customizable: You can easily switch up the shape of the cutout, the coloring page design, and the color palette!

Here, we’re using a heart cutout to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but let your imagination go wild—maybe yours will feature a star, a snowman, or a simple triangle! Not a fan of candles? These cute jars would also make a great gift (especially if you fill ‘em with candy first!).

Coloring Page Cutout Votive Materials
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

What you need:

  • Small (8oz) wide-mouth mason jars
  • Mod Podge (any formula will work, we used Dishwasher Safe for extra durability)
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Completed coloring pages (Pro tip: We suggest using color copies or pages colored with pencil. Marker or pen will bleed when it hits the mod podge!)
  • Foam brush


What to do:

Trimming Card with X-Acto Knife
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

1. Start by cutting your coloring page to size. The best way to do this is to use your jar as a measuring tool. Lay your jar on top of your coloring page on its side, and mark just below the threads at the top of the jar, and just above where the bottom of the jar starts to curve. For our 8oz mason jars, we cut 2.75x7-inch rectangles.

Drawing and Cutting Out Heart Shape
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

2. Now cut out your heart. Start by folding your rectangle in half. Draw a half-heart shape along the folded edge as shown, and use that line as a guide to cut around. (It doesn’t have to be precise—just generally the right shape!) Unfold the paper and smooth out the seam.

Brushing Mod Podge Inside Jar
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

3. Next, lightly coat the inside of your jar with Mod Podge. You don’t want to slather it on—all you need is a thin coating to get the paper to stick.

Inserting Paper Into jar
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

4. Inserting your design into the jar can be kind of tricky, so read the next two steps before moving on. Start by curling your design (printed side facing out) so that it will easily slip into the jar. Hold the design with one hand where the two edges overlap. Make sure your heart cutout is facing the section of the jar you want it in. When you’re happy with the placement, quickly let the design go.

Adjusting Coloring Page
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

5. Now, as it unrolls, quickly adjust the design inside the jar. Be careful: Too much futzing and the paper may tear. You really just want to spend this time smoothing out any ripples. If the placement seems totally wrong, your best bet is to start over by removing the paper and washing out the jar (this is why we recommend using color copies instead of originals!). Once your design is placed how you want it, let the Mod Podge dry.

Coating Back of Coloring Page with Mod Podge
Credit: Anna Petrow / Posh Coloring Studio

6. Once dry, apply a few thin coats of mod podge over the back of the design, letting it dry between layers. After your final coat is dry, add a candle and you're done! 


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