Spark Colorful Creativity with 9 Surprisingly Easy-ish Origami Tutorials

Transform your coloring pages into beautiful 3D art with these cute and fun origami tutorials.

By Thea Voutiritsas


Go from 2D designs to 3D masterpieces by transforming your coloring pages into incredible origami. Much like coloring, the art of origami is a fun-filled way to practice focus and relaxation while flexing your creative skills.

For successful origami creations, we recommend using the lightest weight printer-friendly paper you can find. It’ll be easier to fold, twist, and manipulate lighter paper into the correct shapes. We used standard 20-pound copy paper. For many of these tutorials, you’ll have to cut your coloring page into a square, so pattern coloring pages and mandala designs are probably your best bet for creating nice origami pieces without distorting a picture. Trimming into a square is easy: Just fold the top left corner of your page down to meet the right edge of the page. Crease the diagonal edge. Then, trim off excess paper and white edges.


9 Origami Creations to Make from Coloring Pages

1. An origami boat that floats

Credit: Kate Morin / Posh Coloring Studio

Let your creativity set sail with this perfect introductory origami craft. This cute little boat is the perfect way to get your sea legs when it comes to the art of paper folding. Plus, we have plenty of sea-life inspired coloring pages to take the nautical theme to the max. Get the Instructions: Easy Origami Boat via The Spruce Crafts


2. A fun little origami frog

Credit: Kate Morin / Posh Coloring Studio

This little amphibian will make your heart leap. This frog tutorial is a great entry-level project for those who are just getting to know the origami animal kingdom. Plus, it really does hop! Get the Instructions: Easy Origami Frog via Origami Way


3. A tiny origami box

Credit: Kate Morin / Posh Coloring Studio

This origami box tutorial is a little more difficult than the last two, but the payoff for your patience is utterly adorable. These tiny boxes are perfect for organizing paperclips, earrings, and other miscellaneous items that seem to get lost in the shuffle a bit too easily. Get the Instructions: Easy Origami Box via Totikky Tikky on YouTube


4. The classic crane

Credit: Kate Morin / Posh Coloring Studio

Another interactive origami animal creation, this crane can actually flap its wings. Although it looks pretty advanced, the crane is surprisingly easy to create! Plus, the first few steps provide a great foundation for many other origami creations. Get the Instructions: Origami Crane via Leyla Torres on YouTube


5. An adorable origami bunny

Credit: Kate Morin / Posh Coloring Studio

If you’re feeling pretty comfortable with your animal shapes, you may be ready to take on this cute lil’ bunny project. While the ears and head take some work to shape, the rest of the figure comes together in just a few simple steps. Get the Instructions: Easy Origami Rabbit via MP Channel  on YouTube


6. A fun little fox

Credit: Kate Morin / Posh Coloring Studio

If you’ve nailed the bunny, you’ve got the fox in the bag. These two origami creations are shockingly similar, yet delightfully different. A few changes with the ears and you’ll have a cute little figure as quick as a fox. Get the Instructions: Origami Fox via Super Mega Makers on YouTube


7. A beautiful butterfly

Credit: Kate Morin / Posh Coloring Studio

Let your imagination take flight as you fold together this breathtaking butterfly. Though this origami project falls on the slightly more complicated side, you’ll find that the butterfly’s wings look stunning with one of our paisley coloring pagesGet the Instructions: Easy Origami Butterfly via The Spruce Crafts


8. A lovely lily

Credit: Kate Morin / Posh Coloring Studio

This delicate and relaxing origami flower starts out much like the crane. Though it takes a few extra steps, the end result is a beautiful lily. Try using one of our flower coloring pages for this elegant and soothing project. Get the Instructions: Origami Lily via Origami Instructions on YouTube


9. An origami rose

Credit: Kate Morin / Posh Coloring Studio

Last but not least, this elegant origami rose starts out pretty easy but becomes more complex in the final few stages. But with such a simple and beautiful end result, you’ll want to make an entire bouquet out of these sweet paper roses. Get the Instructions: Origami Rose via Origami Tutorials on YouTube


All you need is some paper and a little patience. If you take your time and clear your mind, these nine origami creations are easier than you think! In the end, the most important component of origami is mindfulness. So take your time, relax, and enjoy the process.


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