This Quiz Will Reveal Your True Adult Coloring Style

Take this quiz to find out which of our amazing artists suits your adult coloring style.

by Thea Voutiritsas

With so many artists and styles to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect page for your next coloring session. From adorable animals to meditative mandalas, the options are overwhelming. If you’re having trouble settling on an adult coloring page that suits your mood, take this quiz to find which of our featured artists embodies your coloring aesthetic.


Adult Coloring Page Designs

1. You prefer coloring pages with…

     a. Intricate designs
     b. Fun florals
     c. Inspirational quotes
     d. Fireside couches and coffee mugs
     e. Nature & still life scenes


Adult Coloring Styles

2. You color to feel…

     a. Energized
     b. Happy
     c. Inspired
     d. Cozy
     e. Peaceful


Animal Coloring Pages

3. What is your spirit animal?

     a. A colorful peacock
     b. A whimsical elephant  
     c. An ornate butterfly
     d. A curious kitten
     e. A regal bird


Coloring Aesthetic

4. When it comes to your coloring aesthetic…

     a. Small swirls and sharp corners excite you
     b. Quirky patterns and animals make you smile
     c. Encouraging quotes help you feel centered
     d. You like to keep it on the simple side
     e. The challenge of realism makes you feel alive


Adult Coloring Pages

5. In a coloring session, you feel most accomplished when you…

     a. Complete a detailed, pattern-based design
     b. Get to experiment with different tools and fun techniques
     c. Feel empowered and inspired to continue your day
     d. Feel warm and snug at home
     e. Get to work on honing your coloring skills and technique


Adult Coloring Pages

6. How much time do you like to spend on an adult coloring page?

     a. 1 to 2 hours (a soothing break)
     b. 45 minutes to 1 hour (casual and for fun)
     c. 30 to 45 minutes (a relaxing way to wind-down)
     d. 10 to 30 minutes (a quick pick-me-up)
     e. More than 2 hours (deep focus)


Color Palettes via Design Seeds
Credit: Various Artists via Design Seeds

7. Which color combo draws you in?

     a. Eye-catching contrasts between purples and greens (Credit: @marjamatkalla via Design Seeds)
     b. Bright and bubbly pinks and blues (Credit: @j_hemmy_creations via Design Seeds)         
     c. Navy and baby pink shades for something easy on the eyes (Credit: @mywoolymammoth via Design Seeds)
     d. Cozy pink and tan tones for a homey feel (Credit @amermyla via Design Seeds)
     e. Blues and greens from water and trees to channel nature (Credit @gradymoran via Design Seeds)


Personal Style

8. And finally, how would you describe your personal style?

     a. Natural and Boho-Chic
     b. Playful and Expressive
     c. Quirky and Original
     d. Warm and cozy
     e. Classic and elegant


If you answered mostly…

As —You’ll love Teresa Roberts Logan or Posh Originals

You color for the fun of it. Intricate patterns and vibrant color choices make your heart sing. You like hand-drawn styles with some symmetry and balance. Click here to browse adult coloring pages by Teresa Roberts Logan and here to browse designs by Posh Originals.


Bs — You’ll love Alisa Burke or Flora Chang

You like coloring pages with a quirky energy. Folksy, hand-drawn patterns make you smile. You like to experiment with different colors and tools and get lost in creativity. Browse coloring pages by Alisa Burke here, and coloring pages by Flora Chang here!


Cs — You’ll love Deborah Muller or Katie Vaz

You color to find inspiration. Soothing, comforting, encouraging quotes boost your mood as you color. You like hand-drawn designs with a hint of wanderlust and whimsy. Check out our Deborah Muller coloring pages here, and our Katie Vaz coloring pages here!


Ds — You’ll love Megan Halsey or Susan Black

You like cozy designs that soothe your soul. Seasonal inspiration makes you feel complete. Your coloring sessions are usually accompanied by a warm cup of tea and some fuzzy socks. (And maybe a cuddly cat.) See designs by Megan Halsey here, and coloring pages by Susan Black here


Es — You’ll love Thomas Kinkade or Marjolein Bastin

Realism relaxes you. You like to take your time with each coloring page and refine your skills as you go. Tranquil birds and water scenes transport you to your happy place. Browse our Thomas Kinkade adult coloring pages here, and our Marjolein Bastin designs here.



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