Practice Self Care with the Perfect Coloring Night In

Treat yourself to relaxing adult coloring session to relax your mind and soothe your soul.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Coloring ain’t just for the kids anymore (duh!). Studies show that coloring can help you reduce stress and increase focus, so why not treat yourself to a cozy coloring night in to help melt your worries away?  Here are nine tips to creating the perfect environment to help you slip into the coloring zone and spark your creativity.

pile of sweaters
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1. Put on comfy clothes.
Coloring is a time to relax your mind, so don’t let itchy sweaters or tight pants get in the way of chilling out. Put on your favorite lounging outfit to ensure that your coloring quiet time is as cozy as possible.


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2. Set the mood with music.
There’s no right answer when it comes to picking out a coloring playlist, but there are a few things to keep in mind to help you set the right atmosphere and spark creativity. If you’re going for a more soothing vibe, pick out songs with simple instruments and slower tempos. But if you’d rather have a mood-boosting coloring session, bright notes and a quicker pace might make you smile as you relax.


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3. Limit your lighting.
It’s easy to forget about lighting, but the light in the room can affect your emotions in surprising ways. Bright light can heighten negative emotions and make you feel stressed. While you’ll need some light to actually see your coloring pages, maybe swap out the overheads for a softer lamp and a few candles.


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4. Invite soothing scents into the room.
Speaking of candles…. You don’t have to be an expert in aromatherapy to tinker with the scents in your space. Soothing scents like lemon, lavender, and jasmine are known help reduce stress and relieve tension. Meanwhile, scents like rosemary, cinnamon, and peppermint can help improve concentration and stimulate the mind.  


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5. Pick a comfy place to wind down.
Whether it’s in your favorite chair, on a fuzzy rug, or curled up in bed, it’s important to find a coloring spot that makes you feel at ease. Use pillows and blankets not just to make you feel cozy, but also to prop up your arms and elbows and give your bones a little more cushion. Also, don’t forget to switch up your position from time to time—a spot that feels comfy at first could end up making your legs fall asleep after an hour or two! 


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6. Surround yourself with supplies.
Pick out your favorite coloring tools and keep them within reach. There’s nothing worse than disrupting your flow by having to leave the room and hunt down a certain marker. Plus, spreading all your options out in front of you can help you create fun and unique color combinations that you might not notice if you kept them tucked away.


mug of tea
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7. Make your favorite drink.
Treat yourself by sipping on some of your favorite flavors. Whether you like a warm latte, a mug of tea, or a glass of wine, a delicious drink can be a great mood booster. You can also spruce up your water with a little fruit or a lemon wedge. And of course, hot chocolate is always a cozy treat. (A word to the wise: If coffee makes you feel a little wired, consider springing for decaf during wind-down time.)


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8. Power down your devices.
Use your coloring night in as a way to unplug. Treat yourself to some real personal time and give your mind a break from technology. Shut the laptop, put your phone on do-not-disturb, and leave your tablet in another room. Cell phones and social media can take a toll on your mental health, so stepping away from it for a bit may actually help you clear your mind.


Coloring Pages and Markers
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9. Color the night away.
Be sure to block out enough time that you don’t feel rushed to finish your pages. Avoid checking the clock and allow yourself to color to your heart’s content. Allow yourself to slip into a meditative, creative state as you color and let your worries melt away.


Of course, we have hundreds of patterns and soothing designs to keep you in the zone throughout your relaxing evening. And if you’re looking for a little encouragement as you color, our inspirational coloring pages have you covered. No matter what design you choose, be sure to share it with us when you’re done!


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