Meet the Artist: Teresa Roberts Logan

Learn more about the person behind the coloring pages!

Teresa Roberts Logan is a comic, artist, author, cartoonist, and one of our amazingly awesome Posh Coloring Studio artists. She is happiest when drawing, doodling, writing, painting, cutting, gluing, and getting her fingers all inky. In addition to having her designs featured here, she’s published two adult coloring books — Posh Adult Coloring Book: Paisley Designs for Fun & Relaxation and Posh Adult Coloring Book: Mandalas for Meditation & Relaxation.

We sat down with Teresa to learn a bit more about the person behind the coloring pages:

Inspiration is everywhere! How do you come up with your designs? What is your inspiration?

Paisley Coloring Page by Teresa Roberts Logan

I love doodling, and have been obsessed with paisleys since I was a kid. In 7th grade I had a Paisley canvas-covered binder, which I still have to this day! I loved it.

I love all sorts of world design, and that is where I get much inspiration: Maori and Aboriginal art, Hmong textile work, Scottish tartans, African masks, Native American art, traditional tattoos, paisley shawls and Indian decorative art, Turkish tiles, Greek and Roman classic architecture, Outsider Art, Guatemalan fiber art, Mexican retablos, Mayan temples, and more. I also love contemporary, pop, abstract, and surreal art. On my Pinterest boards, I post tons of inspiration, from henna and body art, to paisleys designs, to decorative designs.


Did designing your coloring books and coloring pages involve any special research?

When I started my Paisleys coloring book, I had tons of paisley drawings already done (hello, obsession). Also thanks to my obsession, I already had on hand a lot of historic paisley research. But it's not all about researching what’s already been done. When I’m drawing new designs, I like to make them funky and modern, too. But I also love sitting down and tooling out one of those crazy detailed paisleys, which could be reproduced on wallpaper or textiles.  I just get in a zone. I love doing this work, and I never run out of ideas for where to go with them. I have so many more designs to get from my head onto paper!

When I drew the pages for my Mandalas book, I kept in mind that a lot of people use them in religious or meditative practice, so beyond the design aesthetic, I wanted to be sure I didn’t use any offensive imagery, as far as an insensitivity to practice. I hope that all these are acceptable to those who use them in meditative practice; but mainly I just drew to my heart’s content—and used themes and imagery which give me joy.

Did you have a special audience in mind for your coloring pages? 

My designs are for anyone who wants to take their minds off things—anyone who wants a mini vacation, right where they sit.

I know that my Mandalas—and some of my Paisleys—might be challenging for some, and I hope that’s a good thing! Everyone from kids to my 86-year-old aunt are coloring in them—but I don’t want to limit it to any age or gender!

Give us one fun fact about yourself.

Whoopi Goldberg has an original TRL painting in her dressing room at The View!”

Most prized possessions, Go!

The Grammar of Ornament
Credit: Teresa Roberts Logan

My son’s drawings in my old sketchbooks. I used to let him draw in any of my sketchbooks he wanted, new or used. I’m still coming across surprises in them, drawings I never saw, on random pages. It gives me joy! He’s 23 now, and I love this window into his childhood mind.

And our Edison Victrola and old records. It’s just beautiful design and craftsmanship, and has been handed down in my husband’s family, now in our care.

And my copy of The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones book, which I’ve pasted a lot of things into. It’s an invaluable reference to me. (Now, if I could only find it in the moving boxes….)





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