Kids Will Love These 5 Cheap and Easy Summer Crafts

Keep the kids entertained this Labor Day Weekend with these five fun and simple summer crafts for kids.

By Thea Voutiritsas

It’s the unofficial end of summer, which means the kiddos may be more antsy than usual. Keep them occupied over the upcoming long weekend with these five simple crafts to celebrate Labor Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach the kiddos about the American labor movement, and the contributions that workers have made. Plus, they’ll have a chance to get creative and have a little fun!


5 Cheap and Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

Cardboard box town
Credit: Adventures In Craftiness 

1. Cardboard Box Town
This clever cardboard box town is the perfect way to use up leftover cardboard boxes while keeping the kids busy for a few hours. Start with a few big boxes, and cut out doors and windows. Once the sharp tools are out of the way, help the kids decide what businesses a town needs. A bank, a general store, and a post office are all good places to start. The kids can help paint, glue and decorate the town, then spend hours playing pretend as cashiers, EMTs, or postal workers.


Kids craft paper puppet
Credit: Thea Voutiritsas / Posh Coloring Studio

2. Labor Day Puppets
The classic paper bag puppet is a great craft to pull out any time of year. Plus, putting on a show can bring hours of entertainment for the kids. Give your puppets a Labor Day twist by asking the kids what community helper they’d like their puppet to be. They can decorate their paper bags with firefighter hats, police badges, crossing guard vests, or anything else the kids can dream up!


Kids craft coffee can piggy bank
Credit: Thea Voutiritsas / Posh Coloring Studio

3. DIY Coffee Can Bank
Turn a coffee can into a life lesson on saving money and let the kids decorate their own coin banks. A simple coffee can, some glue, and paint or markers to decorate will do. Got some kids who love to color, too? Try wrapping the coffee can with one of our kid-friendly coloring pages.


Labor Day thank you card
Credit: Thea Voutiritsas / Posh Coloring Studio

4. Labor Day Thank You Card
Let the kids show gratitude to their community helpers with a simple thank you card. Include a personal message from your child to their favorite mail person, sheriff, fireman, or anyone else who comes to mind.


kids craft foil police badge
Credit: Thea Voutiritsas / Posh Coloring Studio

5. DIY Tin Foil Police Badge
Teach the kids about how police officers keep the community safe while they create their own police badge. Then, they can learn about the law and play pretend as their own community police officers with their shiny new badges!


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