How to Liven Up Your Coloring Pages with Bright & Cheerful Neons

Your coloring pages will practically glow with these neon coloring tools and gorgeous color palettes!

By Jasmine Lim

Looking for ways to brighten up your coloring pages? Try swapping out traditional color schemes for wild neon hues to really kick your adult coloring into bright… errr, high… gear! Whether you want to use neon to highlight intricate details or to fill in entire pages, the end result is sure to look brilliant. Here are eight color palettes to inspire your next super bright work of art, and a few of our favorite neon coloring tools to help you get there, too: 


The 3 Best Neon Coloring Tools:

Bright Ideas Neon Colored Pencils
Credit: Chronicle Books via

1. Bright Ideas Neon Colored Pencils
Neon colored pencils are a great option for bringing brightness to your coloring pages. With colored pencils, you can decide how bold or light you want to go and you can blend colors together for a flawless neon finish. Price: $13.76 for set of 10

Sargent Art Gel Pens
Credit: Sargent Art via

2. Sargent Art Fluorescent Gel Pens
With these gel pens, you’ll get super vibrant ink that’s handy for coloring those intricate details on any design. Want to try something a little different? Try layering gel pens and colored pencils for cool effects! Price: $4.85 for set of 10


Sharpie Neon Markers
Credit: Sharpie via

3. Sharpie Neon Markers
We love sharpies, but these neon colors take our love to a whole new level. Their vibrant pigments make them the ideal coloring tools to add some neon pizzazz to coloring pages. Price: $5.04 for set of 5


8 Lively Neon Color Palettes:

Fluorescent Foliage
Credit: Jeremy Thomas via Akula Kreative

1. Fluorescent Foliage
From vivid pinks to fiery oranges, we’re loving this fall-inspired palette of brights. Try coloring with neon gel pens to make this palette come to life. Perhaps on our “Leafy Layout” coloring page?

Glowing Lanterns

2. Glowing Lanterns
The intense neon green detail gives this overall warm palette a bright accent without being too flashy. These festive colors would look great on our “Soaring Kites, Part 1” coloring page.


Multicolored Mosaic

3. Multicolored Mosaic
Check out this energetic primary color palette paired harmoniously with a bold shade of black. We’d love to see this color combo on our “Angles of Abstraction” design.

Floral Brights
Credit: @auntieclaras via Design Seeds

4. Floral Brights
It doesn’t have to be all bright all the time—if you want a more muted neon look, go with various shades of pinks and reds to give your coloring a “hushed” liveliness. Try this pretty color combo out on our “Recursive Blossoms” coloring page with neon colored pencils!


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Striking Graffiti
Credit: @rotblaugelb via Design Seeds

5. Striking Graffiti
Who says you can’t mix color trends together? Go with the brightest colors of the spectrum to create your own rainbow-neon color arc! From sky blue to coral pink, give this colorful palette a try on one of our mandala designs.


Neon Cocktail

6. Neon Cocktail
The intensity of the hot pink splashed with some aqua blue and peachy orange makes this cocktail the perfect all-neon combination. Pair this color palette with our funny swear word coloring pages like, “Freakin’ Hell!” or “What a Clusterfork!”.


Under The Sea

7. Under The Sea
Gather inspiration from a world where colorful creatures aren’t too far from the shore. The eclectic shades of blue and hint of yellow would look great on our “Whirling Waves” design.


We All Scream for Neon
Credit: @thebungalow22 via Design Seeds

8. We All Scream for Neon
Check out the wide range of colors on this funky neon sign, from electric blue to light pinks—it’s got the perfect balance between brights and mutes. Try this neon-inspired combo out on our geometric coloring page “Intersecting Imagination”!


Unleash your brightest imagination and let neon hues take over your next coloring project, whether it’s in small areas of a coloring page or the whole design! Don’t forget to keep these neon coloring tools and palettes in mind for whenever you need a burst of luminous neon inspiration.

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