Get Inspired By These Colorful Takes on the Same Flower Coloring Page

See how two different artists creatively transform the same flower pattern.

By Jasmine Lim

Assorted Carnations

One thing we love about coloring is that no two completed adult coloring pages will end up exactly alike. That’s why we especially love seeing how to different artists approach the same design. These two takes on our “Assorted Carnations” flower coloring page are the perfect example of how two artists use their creativity to make unique and original looks. Check out below how they each decided to color this design:

Colored by Kate
Colored by Kate M.

From the lime and olive green leaves to the magenta accents on the petals, we love how this simple yet vibrant color palette looks on these graphic carnations. Kate used one of the cheapest marker sets out there, Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers (Set of 20), which sell for about $3.99 on Amazon. Markers are a great medium to color with, especially if you prefer vivid and bright pigments to softer ones. Plus, they give you greater freedom to fill larger spaces—like the background—quickly and with ease (a bonus, if you’re in a hurry!).


Colored by Haleigh
Colored by Haleigh O.

At first glance, the color scheme looks super similar to the one above, but if you look closer you’ll see subtle differences in the details. The flower petals, for instance, are embellished with fluorescent gel pen and marker accents over the solid blue and green petals. Layering colors and different mediums are the perfect way to transform simple designs. (And it helps create texture, too!). We also love the colored pencils used in the background to create a soft yellow-orange gradient that beautifully compliments the vibrant flowers.

Want to try your hand at this design? Download our “Assorted Carnations” coloring page here! Get creative and put your own colorist touch on this pattern—whether it’s with markers, gel pens, colored pencils, or all three!

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