Get in the Holiday Spirit with 10 New Festive Adult Coloring Pages

Gear up for holiday fun with our 10 favorite new coloring pages for November.

by Thea Voutiritsas

Celebrate the holiday season with our favorite pastime—coloring! Between cozy scarves, spritely snowmen, and festive flowers, you’re sure to find a page to put you in a merry mood. Check out our 10 favorites below and head over to our “New This Month!” page for the rest.


10 New Holiday Adult Coloring Pages

1. “Swimming Upstream” by Deborah Muller

Swimming Upstream adult coloring page

Soothing and Inspiring, our “Swimming Upstream” adult coloring page is a reminder to reach for the stars. Meditate on the design’s intricate spirals, curls, flowers, and fish. (Download “Swimming Upstream” here!)


2. “Warping Whirls” by Teresa Roberts Logan

Warping Whirls adult coloring page

Enjoy a deep, meditative trance with this ornate mandala coloring page. Filled with hearts, flowers, dots, and swirls, you’re sure to get lost in this hypnotic design. (Download “Warping Whirls” here!)


3. “Food Coma” by Peanuts

Food Coma adult coloring page

Enjoy a festive feast with Snoopy himself in our “Food Coma” coloring page. Complete with all the classic Thanksgiving fixings, this design is filled with fun holiday cheer. (Download “Food Coma” here!)


4. “Dove Scarves” by Megan Halsey

Dove Scarves adult coloring page

Enjoy this soft and cozy adult coloring page. Featuring two doves donning adorable floating scarves, this design inspires a sense of gratitude and calm. (Download “Dove Scarves” here!)


5. “Thriving Christmas Roses” by Posh Originals

Thriving Christmas Roses adult coloring page

Ring in the holiday season with some fun and relaxation. Our “Thriving Christmas Roses” Christmas coloring page is filled with yuletide cheer, featuring holly, mistletoe, roses, and leaves. (Download “Thriving Christmas Roses” here!)


6. “The Sky Is Alive with Joy!” by Susan Black

The Sky is Alive with Joy adult coloring page

This fanciful and vibrant adult coloring page is sure to put a smile on your face. Set your heart free as you fill in these delightful hand-drawn butterflies, birds, hearts and flowers. (Download “The Sky Is Alive with Joy!” here!)


7. “Holiday at Winter’s Glen” by Thomas Kinkade

Holiday at Winter's Glen adult coloring page

Escape to a heartwarming winter scene with our “Holiday at Winter’s Glen” adult coloring page. This lovely landscape features a quaint cottage blanketed in snow and a happy family building a snowman. (Download “Holiday at Winter’s Glen” here!)


8. “Wintry Window Sill” by Steve Duffendack

Wintry Window Sill adult coloring page

Enjoy the festive flora of the holiday season with this soothing and simple design. Slip into the spirit of the season as you fill in this design’s festive poinsettias in a snowy window box. (Download “Wintry Window Sill” here!)


9. “Squirrels On the Wing” by Steve Duffendack

Squirrels on the Wing adult coloring page

Cute critters scurry across the page in this adorable design. Let this charming fall scene spark your creativity and brighten your day. (Download “Squirrels On the Wing” here!)


10. “Perimeters for Peace” by Flora Chang

Perimeters for Peace adult coloring page

Pattern lovers will rejoice in this sweet and whimsical adult coloring page. Filled with small and large mandalas decorated in flowers and frills, “Perimeters for Peace” is absolutely mesmerizing. (Download “Perimeters for Peace” here!)


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