Get In The Halloween Spirit with These 12 Eerie Color Palettes

Let these 12 super spooky color palettes inspire you this Halloween.

By Thea Voutiritsas

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means orange pumpkins, purple witches, and black hats galore. But don’t get stuck in a clashing-color rut with the typical gaudy and ghoulish tones found at the Halloween store. Here’s a list of 12 unexpectedly eerie coloring palettes to give your coloring pages a subtly spooky look.

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Credit: @arctic_stories via Design Seeds

1. Arctic Apparition
Change up your Halloween themes with some inspiration from the dark and mystical night sky. These soft blue hues are gorgeous enough to make you believe in magic.


Credit: @anniebluelowry via Design Seeds

2. Rural Revenant
Pink, beige, and brown hues make up this mysterious barn scene. The deep brown adds a touch of slightly unsettling darkness to the palette.


Credit: @aquietstyle via Design Seeds

3. Bewitching Blossoms
Set against a black background, these sweet looking flowers evoke a dark history. With rich purples and greens and a hint of black, this color palette will leave you spellbound.


Credit: @j_tolstrup via Design Seeds

4. Spider’s Sanctuary
A spider’s home never looked so inviting. Gentle pastel colors add an enchanting twist on the usual Halloween favorites. These soft hues are perfect for any soothing adult coloring page.


Credit: @julie_audet via Design Seeds

5. Lone Pumpkin
This classic yet quirky pumpkin pick adds a pop of color to a black backdrop. This palette is perfect for party décor or a fun and friendly Peanuts-themed adult coloring page.


Credit: @piiipsy via Design Seeds

6. Striking Shadows
Black, blue, and pink hues make for a bold statement in this color palette. The sharp contrast between black and pink will make your coloring pages stand out.


Credit: @the_warehouse_at_woodside via Design Seeds

7. Forgotten Forager
These tan and brown tones along with rusted tools and dried flora leave an eerie feeling in the air. This palette is perfect for decorating a murder mystery party or filling in a nature-themed adult coloring page.


Credit: @closetteblog via Design Seeds

8. Residence of The Returned
A big dark door interrupts the soft pink shades in this palette, leaving a mystery of what may hide inside. This color collection is an interesting way to incorporate pink into your Halloween themes.


Credit: @traceylbolton via Design Seeds

9. Harrowed Houseplant
With deep greens and purples, it’s easy to get lost in the curves and colors of these up-close succulents. This hypnotic color harmony is the perfect inspiration for a witch costume or filling in our “House of Horrors” coloring page.


Credit: @caroline_south via Design Seeds

10. Supernatural Smoke
Make a wicked statement with this monochromatic purple color palette. Ranging from deep, vampy violet to light lavender, this palette practically screams classy witch.


Credit: @sparksinyoursmile via Design Seeds

11. Spooky Spectrum
Try this updated take on traditional Halloween hues. These spritely yet spooky tones would look at home on any vintage coloring page.


Credit: @mademoisellepoirot via Design Seeds

12. Disquieted Dinner
A vampy red tone stands out next to these muted gray and blue shades. This palette would add a pop of color Elvira style to a mandala coloring page.


Whether you’re throwing a party, pulling together a costume, or coloring the night away, these unique Halloween color palettes are perfect for working in that mysterious color mood without the cliché contrasts. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even cook up some creepy color schemes of your own this Halloween for a perfectly paranormal coloring session.


Which color palette puts you in the Halloween spirit? Share with us in the comments below!

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